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Anya Sophia Mann presents a unique blend of breakthrough transformational coaching with callers, rich, engaging, dialogue with guests and the latest in science and spirituality impacting how we live and work. For access to replays and all show resources sign up for Quantum Alchemy News at AnyaSophiaMann.com

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All replays, links and resources are available at http://anyasophiamann.com/quantum-alchemy/ This is a replay of show #33. Host Anya Sophia Mann felt that the importance of the information is so relevant for these times right now, that she wanted to broadcast it again to bring it back into our awareness and raise our consciousness around it. In this show, Dr William Tiller, a pioneering world leader in the science of spirituality, speaks about higher states of consciousness and how science does not yet have the instruments to measure higher ‘supraluminal' realms of light, yet he tells us there is definite evidence that they exist. Listen to this important replay with very relevant information.
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This week regular host Anya Sophia Mann was resting her voice with laryngitis so there wasn't live coaching as planned. Instead co-host Ruth has a conversation with Pet Intuitive Carol Dorsey, looking at her Soul Astrology: how it relates... more