Quagmire America Radio: Does A Bad Apple Spoil The Bunch?

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Be sure to tune in Monday night at 10:00pm EST for Quagmire America Radio, our topic; Does A Bad Apple Spoil The Bunch?

This will be the start, of a three part series in which we discuss if one or many idiots screw it up for everyone. The ranks of our social media Conservative party have been shaken in the past few months, due to the actions of a select few that have been in full on attack/troll mode. The people have spoken, and we are listening. 

When you have a full on social media nutcase following you well, we are going to let you know the best way to handle these fruit loops. It is sure to be a fun show, with some light hearted banter thrown in the mix.

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Our Radio shows do many parodies of many individuals, all of which are done by anonymous actors doing voiceover bits.  Thanks, JWT.