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Simple Facts of Life

Simple Facts of Life


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There are laws of nature (physical & human) that must be dealt with as they are. We'll explore what happens when policy makers ignore those laws.

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The Democrat controlled House of Representatives has passed the so-called "Equality Act." This act aims to add sexual orientation to the list of catagories of people that must be given special protection under the civil rights laws. But... more

Michigan representative Rashida Tlaib made a comment about the Holocaust that has gotten her into some hot water. Now, I'm not a fan of Tlaib, and I have no desire to defend her or anything that she might have said, but still... Was she... more

Schools today seem hell-bent on promoting the concept of "gender as a social construct." Is this about "aceptance," or is there a more nefarious agenda in play here? In an article in his blog Yard Sale of the Mind, Joesph Moore has... more

The left has long refused to understand history in the context of the times and places in which the events took place. The most recent example of this is the bahing of the memory of (formerly) beloved American singer Kate Smith. I'll... more

Isaac Newton gave us science. Leftists give us pseudo-science. Today I'll discuss how the left uses what I call "Reverse Scientific Method" to continue to insist that President Trump must be impeached and removed from office. And why they... more

It's no secret that a lot of people are not fond of President Trump. And he is attacked constantly by those on the left. But what is the basis of these attacks? Are they based on actual policy, or just ad hominum attacks, made... more

Politicians acquire and hold on to power by telling people what they want to hear. And people want to hear what they want to believe. Too many voters, especially on the left, want to believe that they will be getting something for nothing. And... more

Politicians often seem to become much more wealthy than one would expect, based on the salary that they receive. How do they do it? My theory is that politics is pretty much like any other business. You sell the products that you have to... more

Last Friday, we finally got what the leftists have been clammoring for us to get for over a year. The report of Special Council Robert Mueller, detailing the findings of his investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the 2016 Trump... more

In the aftermath of the shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, the leftists are doing what they always do, trying to place the blame at the feet of President Trump. Or anybody else, as long as it's not the guy who was actually... more