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"On this Anniversary it is fitting for me to praise for their virtues those who, with their mother, died for the sake of nobility and goodness, but I would call them blessed for the honor in which they are held." 4 Maccabees 1:10 "Eleazer,one of the scribes in high position, a man now advanced in age and of noble presence, was being forced to open his mouth to eat swines flesh.  But he, welcoming death with honor rather than life with pollution, went up to the rack of his own accord, spitting out the flesh as one ought to who has the courage to refuse things that are not right to taste; even for the natural love of life." 2Maccabees 6:18

"It happened also the seven brothers and their mother were arrested and were being compelled by the king, under torture with whips and thongs, to partake of unlawful swines's flesh.  One of them acting as their spokesman, said, "What do you intend to ask and learn from us?  For we are ready to die rather than transgress the laws of our ancestors."  2 Maccabees 7:1  Celebrated on 25th of Kislev ALLWAYS!  They changed it to 12/9/2012; WHY?


There are many bridges over the troubled  waters of this Paradigm Shift to insure that we make it safely across the Age of Pisces into the New Age of Aquarius..  "Resolve to be a part of the solution...The wake-up call is being sounded and the internal, intuitional agitation to shed the skin of the deceptive controlled experience has began in earnest." (The Handbook for a New Paradigm).  RESSURECT  YOURSELF!