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Let us ponder this acronym:



Command of the

King,  which has to do with unlawful penetration; physcological and physical (rape).

We will be discussing "The Christian Doctrine of Discovery" quitely adapted into the U. S. A. (Inc.) Law in 1823 and it's devestating impact on Indiginous peoples all over The World.  Also, the Papal Bulls. which are official documents issued by the Catholic Church to enslave the Indigenous Races.  "People perish for lack of Knowledge"  True Prosperity is Freedom.  The Truth sets Us Free!  

"For thus saith the Lord, behold I give you a period of one-hundred-twenty years; if you will turn to me and forsake your evil ways, then will I also turn away from the evil which I told you.."   Book Of Jasher 5:8 

  "Resolve to be a part of the solution...The wake-up call is being sounded and the internal intuitional agitation to shed the skin of the deceptive controlled experience has began in earnest." (www.nohoax.com)  

"Strip yourselves of your former nature put off and discard your old unrenewed self which characterized your predvious manner of life....And be constantly renewed in the Spirit of Your Mind [having a fresh mental and Spiritual attitude.]....Therefore rejecting all falsity and being done now with it, let everyone express the Truth with their neighbor; for we are all parts of One Body and members one of another."  (Eph.4:22, 23, 25)

Each individual has a personal assignment to ressurect The Divine Self and as this occurs, We become One Sacred Vibration.

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