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Da Puter Shacks NEW "SMOKING" Karaoke Radio Show., also Host of the Scaredheart Gospel Hour..Monday nights one hour show casing the best karaoke singers to be found on the inter-net today...our future stars in Da Making...join in Da FUN...get ready to dance...Rock, Roll,Country,Blues, Pop, Swing, all music...right in one hour, with your Host (ME) DJ " Da Mouth Of The South" Butch Melton...BE THERE OR BE SQUARE..!!! Sacredheart Gospel Show is on every Thursday Night at 8pm usa est...how long the show is depends on the Message...all is always invited to all of our shows...:

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Da " Mouth of Da South " Butch is back once again after Ms Becky going to Ga. to a Funeral of her Nephews wife suddenly passing with Caner. This show will be a regular "55" show, our next one will be our Annual Halloween Party...!!! So those of you that still wants to make the Halloween show there is still opens and time get in your Spooky or a True Folk song...Spooky or not... True or not...by the 22 of next week...Midnight...Indeed the number one Karaoke Radio Show on the Inter-Net today... Da Puter Shack Karaoke Radio Productions:
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This week Dr. Butch will track back to the book of Ezekiel, with Ezekiel visions and many talks he had with Yahweh, God of Israel.. God showed him , taught him the things that was to come in his days, as well, as a prophet, he shows... more

This Thursday Night Dr. Butch will give a great message about the book of Daniel. As the words of God Will shine the light on whats happening right now in the Mid-East, ISIS or ISSL..along with how the leaders of Churches has got it wrong... more

Thursday Night Dr. Butch will give out one of his strongest ever warnings about this NEW WORLD ORDER...he will tell about hw the worlds system is turning the people into SHEEP, to follow the Evil ones in NO MATTER what the Troubes... more

Once again we gather to hear our best friends and NEW voices on our super Karaoke Radio Show. Join us to hear the ebest we can findo n the web today in fantastic talent. DJ'ed and Hosted by none other than Butch { Da Mouth of Da... more

On this show Dr. Butch will tell about the end times miracles that has already happened. He will also talk shortly on how the world players are hard at work for evil...how this will play out in the end time as we wait for the Anti-Christ to fully... more

Yeeee Haaaaa Ya'll,,,,,,, Monday night is the Return of "Da Mouth Of South" DJ and Host Butch Melton. Da Bossman will Return with a NEW Deep Sound, the tunes will spin on fresh voices and sound, as Our Official Karaoke Web Site will... more

Welcome to part 7 of the Modern End Times Hosted by Dr. Butch Melton. Tonight we will answer the questions about WAR...the War on Terrorism or any type WAR. Did or does God really condone WAR...? ANY WAR..? What Does the... more

Come and join us Monday September 15 at 8pm EDT for another outstanding hour long show!

Hello folks It's Eric "MOOSE" Warwick here. I'll be doing the show once again while Butch and Becky get squared away in their new home. Tune in at 8pm EDT for an awesome show! We have "Outlaw" for our showcase performer, too!... more

This show is in memory of GGMA-Carol whom lost her battle with brain cancer recently...... If you looked up "LOVE and LIFE" in the dictionary it would say "see GGMA-Carol".... I'm not trying to be funny, she really was a beautiful person!... more
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