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Each Friday at noon PT/3 pm ET/8 p.m. UK host Cindy Freeman brings you insights, ideas and guests to help you on your Soul Path—living your purpose. Our guests are living their purpose and want to share how they came to know what it is, how they achieved it and what you might be able to do to do to get to your purpose. The website for more information about guests, being a guest, listen to additional archives, or our marketing packages, go to http://purposetalkradio.com. Our theme song, "I Am Who I Am" is by True Trinity (website http://truetrinity.com.

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How do you know you are living in integrity? How does it feel when you are asked to do something that doesn't fit with who you are? How do you resolvebub those feelings and hold integrity with yourself and with the person making the request... more

Our lives are filled with ebbs and flows. Sometimes we know exactly what to do and sometimes not. Find out how to decide when to be a participate, leader, or cheerleader, or to sit in the stands or to walk away. Join host Cindy Freeman on... more

Most people have heard of 12-step programs and have an opinion and perspective about them. Words are heard differently by women, especially women who understand or have experienced control-based patterns in language, acts,... more

We know that we are the result of our choices; however, we don't always know the ideal way to make the choices that are best for us. So often we will adopt someone else's system or practice which works for a while and then we end up... more

We can't always know what is next for us to do. However, if we do as Purpose Talk Radio guest for Friday, Feb. 27, noon PT/3 p.m. ET/8 p.m. UK, Kent Hinckley did and just take each stepping stone as it comes before us, we may find... more

We all have visions for our life. Not everyone can see those visions. On Friday, Feb. 20, noon PT/3 p.m. ET/8 p.m. UK, Amy Bovaird will talk about how her vision for life changed literally and figuratively when she at age 28 doctors... more

Valentine's Day is one of the biggest days for giving flowers or candy and/or showing affection to someone we love. Have you considered how you give yoiurself that same love to remain healthy and on your right path? On Friday,... more

(RESCHEDULED FROM FEB. 3, DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES.) Sometimes the ah-ha moments in our life take awhile to be realized and other times they hit immediately. It's one of those latter moments recently that made... more

(RESCHEDULED TO FEB. 3 DUE TO TECH DIFFICULTIES. NEW LINK HTTP://TOBTR.COM/S/731057.) Sometimes the ah-ha moments in our life take awhile to be realized and other times they hit immediately. It's one of those... more