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Each Monday at noon PST/3 pm EST/8 p.m. UK we bring you insights, ideas and guests to help you on your Soul Path. Our theme song, "I Am Who I Am" is by True Trinity

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For more of our guest's background, visit Purpose Talk Radio. Each Monday at 12 noon PST/3 pm EST/8 pm UK, our host, Cindy Freeman, and her guests bring insights and ideas to help you grow in your Soul path. Cindy's guests are experts in many areas including spirituality, money, coaching, etc. Most importantly her guests are experts on living their life with a purpose and are willing to share with listeners how they got there and how others might benefit from their experience. Join Cindy on Mondays live or archived to explore this area. Check out more information at Purpose Talk Radio and join the conversations on Facebook at Purpose Talk Radio Conversations.
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Have you heard teenagers say they have no interest in school? Do you know an ?at-risk? teen and wish you could do something to help them become inspired to make something of themselves? That is what part of what Char... more

"Redefining the definition of news," is the reason for Positive News Day (July) and Positive News Month (July 15). This global initiative was created and launched in 2013 by Cindy Freeman of True Visions Media and host of Purpose Talk... more

Do you sometimes feel like there are several options in front of you and don't know which way to turn? Do you feel one thing is pulling you more than others, but don't know how to determine if it is your purpose? Deborah Lighthart, the... more

Do you know you have a big-picture purpose, but feel you are too small? MamaRed Knight regularly helps people change that picture and will do that with listeners of Purpose Talk Radio. She and host Cindy Freeman will have a... more

Do you know your purpose in life is to be artist and wonder how you can make a "living wage" while doing it? On Monday, June 9, noon PDT/3 p.m. EDT/8 p.m. UK, Randall Randallson will share the journey he took to being an artist... more

Did you know your name and birth date can give you a road map to knowing your talents, personality and purpose? Numerologist Michael John Fierro will help empower you to knowing these gifts. Michael has been studying and applying... more

Do you sometimes feel like you are turning in circles as you go through life? Would you like to have a compass guide you in the right direction? Renee Baribeau will help as she speaks about "Navigating Life With Your Awakening... more

RESCHEDULED FROM MAY 5 DUE TO TECH PROBLEMS. Do you know you are worth your purpose? Michael Dale's story might help convince you. He will be the guest on Purpose Talk Radio on Monday, May 5, noon PDT/noon... more

Have you wondered how you know your destiny? Are you willing to take six steps to know what is your destiny? On Monday, May 12, noon PDT/3 p.m. EDT/8 p.m. UK, Michelle Casto will share the six steps that she suggests allow every... more