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Welcome To Pure Word for Everyday Christians. Speaking the Gospel in plain talk! A true Christian broadcast, where we get as real with you as we are with ourselves! It is the Truth that makes us Free and we come to tell it based on the Word of God! Join us Friday - Sunday at 5:00 pm central time for Prayer, Praise and Prophecy with The prophet Mary and Ministry Team, coming to you live from the Dallas/Ft Worth Metro-Plex with Weekend Gospel from FMSM GOSPEL NETWORK, Mary Washington Ministries

On-Demand Episodes

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and He even instructs us on how to love. Tonights message brought by Minister Maurice Lewis is a word from the Lord encouraging Men of Valor to love God and to love others with... more

Jesus gave us abundant life and evidence will manifest in our lives when we lean and depend on Him. THE LORD WILL MAKE A WAY is an exhortation to believe in the Savior for the life made possible for you in Him. FMSM GOSPEL... more

Our God-given vision is to edify the Body of Christ through personally assisting men from around the world who has a sincere desire to know Jesus. Man to Man discussions focusing on the things of God as they are relevant to our life today.... more

What is Jesus really teaching through what we call the "Golden Rule" as is stated in Scripture Matt. 7:12? Listen in to hear more... FMSM GOSPEL NETWORK live Morning Broadcast daily at 7:00 am, Prayer, Praise and Prophecy with Pastor... more

THE NATURE OF GOD is a powerfully enlightening study revealing the nature of God and how He interacts with His children. Tonight's topic SEEING THE GLORY of GOD is sure to bring you closer to God as Father. Our vision is to edify the... more

CHURCH ON SUNDAY EVENING... WHERE THE DOORS ARE ALWAYS OPEN! Serving the unchurched, sick and shut in and believers who want to know the Lord more intimately. Join us for Sunday School tune in at 9 am. FMSM... more

The Bible tells us there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, but because of feelings of aloneness many single Christian don't wait to find the friendship that glorifies God in their life. FMSM GOSPEL NETWORK The VOICE OF... more

Man to Man discussions focusing on the things of God as they are relevant to life today. Join Maurice Lewis for an eyeopening word from the Lord as he paints a vivid picture of Jesus Christ the Bread of Life. FMSM GOSPEL NETWORK live... more

We are all concerned about our health in one way or another; but have you stopped to consider, how you can be healthy in every area of your life; based on what Jesus has given you in "Life and life more abundantly?? FMSM GOSPEL... more

What does the Bible say about tatoos or piercing? Is tatooing a sin? Leviticus 19:28: "You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the Lord." To properly address the question we need to... more