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Ambassadors of Christ sharing personal stories of victory over sexual sin sharing the truth of Gods Word & what it says regarding addictions & strongholds.

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All of us at some point in our lives will face something in life that's truly beyond our strength to endure. And often times they are battles we fight and sometimes overcome by God's awesome power and might. Other times we seem to not... more

When we battle or struggle with Sin, no matter what it is we often conceed and say "the devil made me do it". It really is sort of an easy way out. Satan is after all the great deceiver and master manipulator who's goal is to drag away... more

Temptation comes at all of us in many various forms and it attacks us strong and hard. You've heard it said by some that they thought once they became a follower of Christ their temptations or battles would end or at least slow down a little.... more

Encourage yourself in the Lord. What does that mean exactly? When all around you is one big storm that seems eager to take you down and out, how are we to respond? There is much to be learned about encouragement from some true... more

You may feel like you've lost your purpose, vision and way in life when going through the loss of a job. And yes, at times its just down right painful because you can no longer support your family, provide for them or yourself. You constantly... more

When it comes to hearing the words trial, suffering , affliction, test or temptations we don't always know how to deal with these. In fact at time s they can really overwhelm us and take away our confidence in Christ and rob us of the joy we... more

Exactly how much grace would you say is needed in a given day? Truth is we need God's grace each second, minute and hour of everyday. And we certainly need grace on our jobs in our marriages and just to cover all those wrong... more

We live in a sex-saturated and obsessed culture that is getting much worse and bolder by the minute. We are really just a mouse click away or just a channel away from impurity. And it leads me to this pondering question, How can you... more

As we go along on our Spiritual journey we will at times encounter extremely difficult situations and circumstances that are truly beyond our control. At times it may even leave us questioning God. Which leads me to this.....Shall we except... more

If we take good strong look at what's happening around us today, there are so many people who have no hope. Somewhere along the way they've lost it or never had it. Some have never experienced the great hope that is found... more