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Ambassadors of Christ sharing personal stories of victory over sexual sin sharing the truth of Gods Word & what it says regarding addictions & strongholds.

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We have a Hope that endures.... But do we really believe that? Do we have a hope that cannot be shaken no matter what comes our way? As children of God we truly have a hope that endures. And its found in Christ alone. Anything else is sub par or simply not good enough. Many christians today are struggling with deppression, sadness and just giving up on life and want to end it all. And so they lose hope. And so we find ourselves at times floundering and asking ourselves why am I am this great dark pit of despair? We find ourselves listening to the wrong voices and focusing on temperary things that don't matter, and this is where we must be reminded that we must have an eternal perspective, and a sustaining hope that endures.
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This perhaps is considered one of the most difficult area to discipline, which is our thoughts. There is so much information out there that threatens the christian each and every day, and so at times we find ourselves slipping into a... more

How can we live our best life now? By living like there's no tomorrow. Truth is we just don't no when our days on earth will end. I know what you may be thinking..... Don't talk about death or life coming to an end cause I have my whole life... more

Often times when we are going through great difficulty and hardship it can either strengthen our walk with God or cause us to doubt Him. Why is it when were close to the brink of victory or great potential success we crumble and don't... more

We have all seen how a team can be down at times by many points, only to mount a tremendous come back by simply changing up the game. Can't continue doing the same things expecting different results, but I'm afraid as christians we... more

Having a satisfied life in Christ.....what more could we want. Well, that's really where our struggle comes from in this life. Because we are constantly being bombarded and enticed by billboards, newspaper ads, persuasive commercials... more

What does it really mean to "Delight yourself in the Lord"? One thing is for sure, if our focus is not on Christ and we don't take delight in Him first we miss out on his best. We also miss out on the great relationship we could have in Him. Just... more

In anything you've ever tried to do and become have you been tempted to simply give up, walk away or throw in the towel? I have, on a few occassions in fact. I have discovered that it's mostly through my weaknesses, difficulties and intense... more

All of us at some point in our lives will face something in life that's truly beyond our strength to endure. And often times they are battles we fight and sometimes overcome by God's awesome power and might. Other times we seem to not... more

When we battle or struggle with Sin, no matter what it is we often conceed and say "the devil made me do it". It really is sort of an easy way out. Satan is after all the great deceiver and master manipulator who's goal is to drag away... more

Temptation comes at all of us in many various forms and it attacks us strong and hard. You've heard it said by some that they thought once they became a follower of Christ their temptations or battles would end or at least slow down a little.... more