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Ambassadors of Christ sharing personal stories of victory over sexual sin sharing the truth of Gods Word & what it says regarding addictions & strongholds.

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You may be looking at the title of this show "Freedom From Sexual Sin, and have already begun to give up and say I just can't find the freedom I'm seeking. You've looked at number of books some truthful some not when it comes to being... more

The casualities from enslavement to ography, lust and sexual sin are indeed too great and too numerous to count. To be honest it is in my humble opinion that this is the number one battle inside today's christian homes. Just like a fish... more

All across the world there are wars being waged and battles being fought for our freedom, even as we speak men and women are giving up their lives so that you and I can remain free. Then there's another war we cannot necessarily see, it... more

On some level or another we seek relief from the difficulties, stresses, trials and suffering of this life. And as Christians we certainly can relate to these for sure. It seems that the problem lies in our self-will and determination to not feel any... more

It seems as though that I am always reminding myself that I am on a journey heading in one or two directions, a journey towards Christ or a journey that moves away from Him. In our lives there will always be these constant... more

At some point we all have set goals for each New Year with the promise of fulfilling each and everyone of them. And so when we fail at this we often give up and say its just too much to accomplish and become overwhelmed. They... more

"Tell me the story of Jesus, write on my heart every word, tell me the story most precious sweetest that ever was heard". Youve perhaps have heard this hymn many times before, or for some it may be new. To tell this amazing story,... more

Its that time of year where we get caught up in all the gatherings, Christmas parties, meeting with family and friends and yes plenty of shopping. We find ourselves moving at a fast pace, with the great temptation to keep up with the... more

If there is one thing we don't like the most, its the idea of giving ourselves up in complete surrender to anyone or yes even God the Father. We dont like to be told to surrender, or to give up our rights because we simply do not want... more

I must readily admit that I don't always go through difficulties, trial and suffering very well. In fact at times I wish I didnt have to go through it. But I must also admit that when I have gone through various trials I've seen the mighty hand of God... more