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Ambassadors of Christ sharing personal stories of victory over sexual sin sharing the truth of Gods Word & what it says regarding addictions & strongholds.

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If we take good strong look at what's happening around us today, there are so many people who have no hope. Somewhere along the way they've lost it or never had it. Some have never experienced the great hope that is found... more

At some point and time you've heard of the Rolling Stones hit song "I can't get no Satisfaction". And the truth of the matter is that outside of Christ there is no satisfaction, peace or contentment. Why is it that our hearts and minds tend to... more

When it comes to cleaning your car, washing dishes or cleaning your home, if we're not careful we can place way too much emphasis on the outside and totally miss the dirt and scum on the inside. How is it that this happens to us... more

If we truly are honest with ourselves we would have to come to the conclusion that in our spiritual walk or journey we need a touch of God's Grace laced with encouragement along the way. In our brokenness and weaknesses we are... more

There will be times in our lives that we will want to just quit, give up and throw in the towel. It is only by God's grace an mercy that were created and built to last....through great hardship, pain and suffering. And He seeks to bring you and... more

Satan certainly has an agenda and we as christians don't want to be apart of it, if we know whats good for us. There's nothing about his intentions or plan that will benefit us in any way. He is the great deciever and manipulator who will seek... more

If we are honest with ourselves you must say that there is much in this world to keep us distracted from the goals God has marked out for us. The most important goal of course is an abiding and strong relationship with Almighty God. He truly... more

We live in a world that is always seeking ways to be happy and fulfilled in materialism, pleasure as well as vain pursuits and experiences. Always looking for the next high or fix thats going to satisfy them.....so they think. But if were not... more

What does it truly mean to have endurance? How can we endure in such a way as to bring glory to God? And what awaits us in the end if we endure well? These are just a few questions we will seek to answer in our next broadcast "To... more

Each of us as Christians have a story or testimony that needs to be told. You have probably encountered fellow co-workers, friends or others regarding your faith in God. This is not about airing out dirty loundry for all the world to hear,... more