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With so many options out there, come to us, Pure Gold, for a fresh take on sports and entertainment. We give you a real perspective on what matters to you. Be part of the experience and lend your voice, not just your ears, on what goes on in the world of sports and sports entertainment along with tv and life as we see it. Pure Gold. Talk that you can be a part of. Join us on the network of shows airing on 1640 AM IronBound Radio in Newark, NJ

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Tonight on Pure Gold, Sports Talk Host of "Buehler's Day Off", Julie Buehler joins PG to talk about west coast sports...we'll break it down PG style. Also, picking up from last week, we will reflect on the Ultimate Warrior. Finally, we'll talk... more

Wrestlemania XXX is in the books...PG breaks down the ppv, Hall of Fame, and the night after on Raw with Ken Reedy and Pyrolfalkon....ALL WRESTLING so tune as the boys break it down and tell it like it is!

Tune in to Pure Gold's last show.....evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver. We'll preview WM XXX and have Nikki Boyer and Lauren Crocker on our final show....PG goes out in style tonite! April Fool's!

Pure Gold breaks down some wrestling talk as we get closer to Wrestlemania XXX. Miss Oklahoma USA 2010 and current DJ Morgan Woolard joins the program and may spin a tune or two with the guys....tune in for another show... more

Pure Gold breaks down Raw from last night and continues to talk about Wrestlemania XXX along with some sports topics that sure will keep you all entertained as usual...tune in for another great PG episode!

PG talking wrestling, basketball, football, baseball, etc and telling it like it is! Tune in call in for another great episode of Pure Gold!

We discuss the WWE network along with all that happened on Monday Night RAW

The show where we discuss anything and everything and tell it like it is.

We cover everything in the world of sports and entertainment
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