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The Puppy Whisperer

The Puppy Whisperer


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Hello everyone and welcome to the show. My name is Tammy. I started this show because of my strong love for animals. I have been working with dogs for over 15 years. "The Puppy Whisperer" is a show that focuses on issues we are all faced with as dog owners. Many of us get very frustrated and don't know where to start. This show offers free tips to help you decide the next course of action for you and your four legged friend. That is why I am here. I know all too well how the economy has hit our bank accounts and paying for training is a tough decision. Please listen in on any of the topics to try and help you out as you struggle with training on your own.

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Yes folks, I am finally giving away my secrets on how I trained both of my dogs to get a beer out of the fridge. These training methods are useful for those dogs that have a need to do for you. The benefits go beyond the "beer" and into the... more

Does this sound familiar? What many of us do not understand sometimes is why our dog urinates all over our feet when we either yell at them or love on them. This episode will bring out an understanding of this behavior and help us turn... more

Does your pet suffer from anxiety? Next week, The Puppy Whisperer is going to discuss the different ways to fix and prevent anxious animals to help them live happier, healthier lives. Tune in and chat or text your questions or email... more

It is tempting isn't it? Your cute little puppy staring up at you looking like he will starve to death if you don't give him a bite....Next thing you know your hot dog has become a basketball! This show will be focusing on the facts about why... more

What a year it has been! Fleas have become invincable this year and it seems next to impossible to get rid of them. I never experienced this before and always trusted in Frontline to keep the fleas at bay. Not this year! Forget all those bug... more

Do you have a mine field in your backyard?... Maybe a few fox holes to waller around in? I am here to discuss ways to shovel out the digger and help you turn your sand pit back into a green landscape. This episode was inspired... more

It has come to my attention that this is a problem for some dog owners and it must be stopped in order to keep them safe...and alive! I don't know how many times I have seen this over and over again and it scares me each time... more

This segment will help dog owners have a better understanding about why our puppies bite us so much. We will focus on ways to combat the biting and how to help our "teething" babies get through this horrible stage. I will offer tips on... more

It has recently come to my attention that dog groomers have a story to tell. I read several horror stories and wish to share them with all of you. Please keep in mind that this is a lesson about how to care for your dog and not a bashing session.... more
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