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From hockey to helping the homeless #RadioFreeRover #OpShareRadio

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Police around the globe shut down dozens of underground cyber marketplaces that dealt in drugs, weapons and other illegal goods in a massive operation this week to disrupt criminals operating on the "Dark Web." Police in 17 countries... more

From ADHD to Bipolar, depression and dissociation disorders, lots of people have them, the justice system doesn't know how to treat them or the how to handle the people with them. Tonight we discuss the growing problem of mental health in... more

Need info? see here : Also >>>>>>>>>> We will have some fun, surprises... more

Tinfoil time b1tches! Life on Mars and the Annunaki: Ever since photo's of Mars were taken from the Viking orbiter in 1976, the answer to the question of if there was life on Mars seems to be yes. Photos depicting an enormous face staring... more

#Ebola is front and center on every news channel, news website and on peoples minds. We examine the situation from a common sense point of view: Ebola is one of the world's most deadly diseases. It is a highly infectious virus that... more

#r3belutionRadio Group presents #RadioFreeRover The worst show on BTR returns to have another craptastic episode! Tonight we are joined by @Sixlette to talk some responsible gun ownership. Take a breath all you #RWNJ we are... more


RadioFreeRover : Current events super show, did you know some went down over the past little while? #Ebola is still ravaging Africa, racial tensions are once again high in America, innocent Slurpee machines are being murdered... more

A special one hour #RadioFreeRover We took a little trip through the Plains and Rockies and we were shocked at what we found! Join us to hear a first time visitors view on America! #R3belutionRadio #RadioFreeRover

#ResetTheNet #YesAllWoman #Shabu Last show before a summer break, we review the last week and preview the summer ahead. Are the femnazis winning the war on social media? Why are so many men giving up their balls to that... more