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From hockey to helping the homeless #RadioFreeRover #OpShareRadio

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Have you noticed a military feel to your local police department? Notice how quick to shoot people they are? lay a beat down? it isn't just for hippies any longer. We will discuss this and the week that was tonight at 9pm est Open lines and... more

Week in review, what in the duck went on this week that made you think, mad, happy etc Or just some rambling about some crap that you may or may not care about.

Free speech...do you speak it? opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one, doesn't mean it should be heard. Are you offended? should you be? We will be discussing free speech and how people use it online and in real life.... more

#RadioFreeRover presents..... The current events show, what is going on in the world this week: From the Putin power play, the Bitcoin newsweek dox to other that went on. Also music

Whether you agree with what lead them to be behind bars or not, supporting people in the prison system is important in ensuring that they don't end up back there and make their time spent in the system not seem hopeless. Tonight... more

R3belutionRadio BTR Marathon continues with p0rnopuppy and RadioFreeRover Tonight we are joined by @GreggHoush @Anon2Earth @AnonDiscord Talking free internet, Venezuela and maybe some "We are legion" #R3belutionRadio... more

A review of easy and simple steps to securing your online presence, from no log vpns, tor and how to create a social media account that you can "play" with. we should have the regular panal of @cnyr3bel and @joeprich stopping by. We will... more

OpshareRadio returns for the charity Christmas Exchange. We will be drawing names from a hat and having those who wanted to donate supply us with a charity so we can exchange donations for Xmas. Join us tonight for the show!... more

Want to do a gift exchange this year that will make a difference? Join us for some real ideas on making a difference #UFTW #OpShare #OneWorldOneLove

It is always a super show as the worst show on BTR returns for yet another episode :D We will be joined tonight by https://twitter.com/ots_nola https://twitter.com/small_affair and by https://twitter.com/Anon_GovWatchCA We... more