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From hockey to helping the homeless #RadioFreeRover #OpShareRadio

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RadioFreeRover : Current events super show, did you know some went down over the past little while? #Ebola is still ravaging Africa, racial tensions are once again high in America, innocent Slurpee machines are being murdered and some parents think it is okay to let little kids fire fully automatic weapons. People are a$$mad about the #IceBucketChallenge and have raised some good points...none of which mean squat, quit crapping on something has raised peoples attention about a serious illness. Did you also know that people in the USA still don't give a about Flint? that people are getting shot in Chicago every weekend and the MSM doesn't care? Kinda sounds depressing doesn't it? Don't worry, we will put a Canadian spin on it and take your phone calls....maybe. Be sure to start your evening off right with @Bree_mars and @JoePrich followed by @Cnyr3bel hosting @RebelutionRadio and then little ole me
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A special one hour #RadioFreeRover We took a little trip through the Plains and Rockies and we were shocked at what we found! Join us to hear a first time visitors view on America! #R3belutionRadio #RadioFreeRover

#ResetTheNet #YesAllWoman #Shabu Last show before a summer break, we review the last week and preview the summer ahead. Are the femnazis winning the war on social media? Why are so many men giving up their balls to that... more

The world hasn't ended yet, I know this because A: you're reading this B: I am typing this C: Fox News said it would. One of my favorite online DJ's was V& this past week.....not cool Aussie Gov! #FreeLorax #Sabu still under the thumb... more

#SaveTheInternet http://www.savetheinternet.com/net-neutrality-101 Are you ready to pay more to surf the web? more for content? It is coming, the net is under attack, the time to act is now. One hour tonight on #NetNeutrality

Have you ever wanted to host an internet radio show? Really? i am going to bitch a bit about BTR and some current goings on and such. Followed by #R3belutionRadio at 11pm est

#BecauseItsTheCup NHL playoffs time! Plus some other stuff that may bore you and

Multilevel marketing, have you been asked to do an "In home demo" on a product? Spent $2k on a "Complete home cleaning sysytem"? Been asked to become a member of an exclusive club? We talk about #MLM tonight and share... more

Have you noticed a military feel to your local police department? Notice how quick to shoot people they are? lay a beat down? it isn't just for hippies any longer. We will discuss this and the week that was tonight at 9pm est Open lines and... more

Week in review, what in the duck went on this week that made you think, mad, happy etc Or just some rambling about some crap that you may or may not care about.

Free speech...do you speak it? opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one, doesn't mean it should be heard. Are you offended? should you be? We will be discussing free speech and how people use it online and in real life.... more