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From hockey to helping the homeless #RadioFreeRover #OpShareRadio

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For 3 years those who help with #RadioFreeRover have tried to make the world a bit of a better place, even if for a 2 hour span (180 mins on Spreaker) We have helped spread information, end disinformation, raise funds for those in need. It is... more

Tuesday this week the NDP did what was unthinkable in Alberta, they dethroned the PC party that had ruled for over 40 years..... Holy FUCK!!!! Plus we are two weeks away from the debut of our new show in a brand new timelsot!! lets talk... more

The Bad and the ugly : BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The state fire marshal's office have charged a 22-year-old man for cutting a firefighter hose during the Baltimore riots Monday. According to the fire marshal, Greg Bailey was... more

Tonight, the worst show on internet radio returns for a show about nothing lol Current events, happenings from around the world and online.

Have you been to school? Have you seen the ads? Do you believe them? No...No you don't and NO you shouldn't! We discuss "For profit" school and what they mean for the majority of those that attend.... more

Opsec? Do you have a grasp of what that means? It is about being "Anonymous" it is about keeping your information secure and makes it harder for people to mess with you. ?More Generation Y workers globally said they feel more... more

Vaccines are a touchy subject these days, the antivaxx crowd is vocal, they know how to use social media like a boss and SEO their sites into the top search results. Are they right? Two points of view on this subject, for and against. Lets... more

Just a show to talk about current events, also stuff

Ladies and gents... We are extremely proud to bring you an evening with Kim Rhodes and the folks at VetPaw. This isn't a show about #SuperNatural ...it is about the lady behind the role, the mom,the autism supporter, the friend, the... more

From delated footballs to linking a data dump....both it seems can get your butt in hot water. One will land you a slap on the wrist and a championship the other a million $ out of pocket and 5 years in prison. Lets chat!