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The pundits say that African civilization is dead. We've heard them say that Africa is a dark continent without bright spots, as they try to claim the craddle of civilization from us. We; built the pyramids of Giza, the great walls of Benin and the ancient schools of Timbuktu. We; beat the Roman Army three times in battle and even saved the Isrealites from annihilation. We; are Africans. Let us seek wisdom because African civilization is our song and our story to tell the world. We must stop this war of black stagnation, demonization and dehumanization. Join us. Francis Aka-ebila Aka-eri

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First they thought they were white, until science proved them otherwise. When they were told they are black, they threw a fit and wished the science project of really tracing their roots by DNA hadn't happened. Do you know why? Join us,... more

While the rest of the world see the African story from a negative western perspective, we Africans are still debating whether to focus on the positives, ignore the negatives and that would make life more rewarding. But how can we... more

Wealth creation is a processing that begins with the right mindset. It is about how to discover, develop and maximize your potentials to become the wealthy person you wish to be under the sun. Join us: Francis Aka-ebila Aka-eri

We may not be as technologically advanced as America and some advanced western countries, but peace is certainly attainable in our time, when we act. Join us to trace the root to peace in Africa; Francis Aka-ebila Aka-eri

Through out history, many people have found reason so useful, especially in seeking survival value. Unfortunately, the African sense of entitlements have rendered us so closed minded that we still look up to our ancestors to emerge... more

While the rest of the world is enjoying their fruits of peace, Africans are fighting again in Timbuktu - the birth place of philosophy. How can this be? Why can't we be like our ancestors in seeking out our best of options of finding peace and... more

While the rest of the world is navigating towards what is uniquely theirs, Africans seems to have found our ranks in the web of indoctrination - where the white man and the Arab set the bar of how we think and what we think. We believe... more

After many centuries of slavery, many are still questions about black people and the age of slavery we went through. And sometimes we blame our past for not doing enough to stop slavery and liberating their enslaved brothers and sisters in... more

After Jesus, there was only one church. But today, churches are springing up in every nook and cranny - all claiming to be on the right path. Even as they point fingers to the mother church as being of evil orgin. Join us to explore the... more

Believe it or not the United States is a country that has no equal under the sun. From its darkest past to its brightest future, many have come to marvel at her greatness and yet she is still rising from great to greatness in our time. As an... more
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