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Punch Drunk Critics Weekly

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The Punch Drunk Critics, your Washington DC area film buffs, take a casual approach to talk about what's going on in the movie world while never forgetting to have fun!

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Last week we broke down our most anticipated movies of 2011...NONE of which we'll be talking about this show! It's January, commonly referred to as the stinky armpit of the Hollywood movie calandar, but that doesn't mean there aren't a... more

What's all this stuff about there not being any new movies this week? You think that gives us a day off? Hell no! You think just because 2010 is over that means the Punch Drunk Critics are over? Was it over when the German bombed... more

It's the last show of the year, and what better way to wrap things up than by looking back at some of the great(and not so great) stuff Hollywood had to offer in 2010! We'll be joined by some of DC's top critics to pick our top 10 favorite... more

Prepare to jump back into the grid and fight for the Users! In a very special episode, we were lucky enough to share a few minutes with the cast of the long awaited sci-fi sequel, Tron Legacy! After nearly 30 years, was it all worth the... more

He burst onto the scene with the powerful documentary, Capturing the Friedmans,now Andrew Jarecki joins us to talk about All Good Things, another true tale of family secrets starring Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst. Plus we'll... more

Oscar Schmoscar. What is anybody gonna do with a Golden Globe, anyway? Don't even get me started on the Indie Spirit. Sounds like a deoderant. The only awards that matter are here are the WAFCA Awards, courtesy of the very best... more

Christina Aguilera's called the "voice of her generation" and is one of the top selling artists of the last decade, and now she joins us to talk about her feature film debut, Burlesque, co-starring Cher and Stanley Tucci! As if that wasn't... more

It's our golden 75th anniversary! 75 shows is gold, right? Even if it's not this is a very special show as we're joined by Ed Zwick the prolific director of Glory, The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond and a ton of other greats to discuss his... more

The Oscar-winning director of Slumdog Millionaire drops in to chat with Punch Drunk Critic host John Nolan about his new outing, 127 Hours. Starring James Franco, the critically-acclaimed film tells the true story of Aron Ralston... more

A very special episode as we were fortunate enough to sit with the great director, Doug Liman, to discuss his latest film, Fair Game! Find out how he finds a way to connect his film on the infamous Valerie Plame scandal to Jaws! Plus, Robert... more