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The Punch Drunk Critics, your Washington DC area film buffs, take a casual approach to talk about what's going on in the movie world while never forgetting to have fun!

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It's the holiday season, and as usual Hollywood has seen fit to bury us beneath a mountain of new movies. We've got a lot to cover this week as we'll take a look at two Steven Spielberg movies, the animated The Adventures of Tintin, and War... more

This is going to be one jam packed show with four reviews, a special guest, and our picks for the worst films of the year, so sit back and watch us squirm as we try to get through it all. We'll have reviews of Sherlock Holmes: A Game... more

On this week's show, we watch as Jonah Hill does his best Elisabeth Shue impersonation in The Sitter, which looks an awful lot like Adventures in Babysitting. Next, we'll pray the Mayan calendar's apocalyptic predictions strike a... more

The awards season is officially upon us this week as we review one of the most talked about movies of the year, Steve McQueen's controversial, NC-17 rated drama, Shame! Plus, we'll be joined by Keeping It Reel's Tim Gordon to reveal... more

On this week's episode, we light the lights, dress up right, and bring you our review of The Muppets! Will Jason Segel's labor of love make that "rainbow connection" with a new generation of fans? Plus, we look at Martin Scorsese's... more

We're prepared for your hate, Twi-Hards. Bring it. On this week's show we tackle the first chapter of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Hope we survive the experience. Plus, is Alexander Payne's The Descendants the best movie of the... more

As you are enjoying your three day weekend we'll be hard at work putting together this week's show for you. Sunday night is sure to be one for the record books. We've had to leave you without our spectacle of cinematic calamity more... more

It's Halloween season, right? And that means it's the time when the ghouls, and witches, an poltergeists come out to play. Once we've stopped hiding our faces in our hands, we'll bring you our take on Paranormal Activity 3! Plus we'll have... more

On this week's episode we step into the ring with Hugh Jackman and a bunch of uppercuttin' robots in the futuristic boxing flick, Real Steel! Plus, the campaign season is upon us as we take a look at George Clooney's star studded political... more

So we took a week off, so sue us! Maybe after this episode you'll realize why we needed the break. Seth Rogen and writer Will Reiser invade Punch Drunk Critics International to talk their new film, the cancer dramedy 50/50, starring Joseph... more