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  • 01:31

    Johann Hari-- Chasing The Scream, The First and Last Days Of The War On Drugs

    in Psychology

    Zach Rhoads and Johann Hari talk about addiction and the war on drugs. Many know Hari from a famous TED talk in which he defended the thesis of his book in only 15 minutes. Today, he tells a more comprehensive tale about his 30,000-mile journey across the world on a search to find the true meaning of addiction. 

  • 01:01

    MyNDTALK - Wired for Dating: - Dr. Stan Tatkin

    in Psychology

    MyNDTALK - Wired for Dating: - Dr. Stan Tatkin Everybody wants someone to love and spend time with. Searching for your ideal partner is a natural and healthy human tendency. Just about everyone dates at some point in their lives, yet few really understand what they're doing or how to get the best results.  Psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Stan Tatkin offers powerful tips based in neuroscience and attachment theory to help you find a compatible mate and go on to create a fabulous relationship.

  • 00:17

    Why Social Media Awareness Is Needed In Schools ? with Chris Andrews

    in Psychology

    In-depth discussion about the need for Social Media Awareness in schools and how social media platforms impact the teaching environment from a high school teachers perpsective.

  • 00:30

    Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse

    in Psychology

    Leading psychologist Dr. Gregory Jantz, founder and director of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources joins us today to discuss his book Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse. Dr. Jantz will discuss the often-overlooked issue of emotional abuse. He will explain exactly what defines emotional abuse, how surprisingly common the problem is, how silence can be abuse, and why people who have been abused tend to minimize that abuse. He will help listeners come to a better understanding of themselves and their abuser.
    To identify emotional abuse in your own life, go to Jeannie’s blog before you listen and test yourself on the Signs of Emotional Abuse from Dr. Jantz’s book. http://jeanniestjohntaylor.blogspot. com/ 
    Contact Dr. Jantz at www.aplaceofhope.com or www.DrGregoryJantz.com

  • 00:44

    The Other: A Theoretical Structure

    in Psychology

    Please join us for intriguing theoretical discussion concerning how we treat the Other.

  • 00:24

    Stories About Men- Children (or Women-Children)

    in Psychology

    How do we understand the experience and behavior of a person who is physically an adult but still thinks and feels like a child? What can we expect of such an individual when given great power either through inheritance or by social situations of varying sorts? Can we describe the type of logic utilized by such people with the theories of developmental psychology? What might a man-child experience and what might happen to him or her once he assumes a position of great power and the responsibilites that go with such power? What can happen to families, social groups and whole societies if and when the behavior of a man-child becomes normative to these groups? 

  • 00:28

    I Finally Heard My Mother Fart

    in Psychology

    Many parents are "Iconic".  Instead of connecting as real, vulnerable people, they hide behind their title of "Mom" or "Dad".  How do children deal with this?  How do they connect?  This podcast helps you as a parent and helps you as a child.  The parent who is a person to his or her child and not just a title offers a deep and loving connection for the child. Dr. Penn uses his experiences as platform to explore the landscape of Mom, Dad, Son and Daughter. 

  • 00:48

    Message To The Blackman In America

    in Psychology

    Message to the Blackman in America is a book published by Nation of Islam leader and Elijah Muhammad in 1965, and reprinted several times since. After the death of Elijah Muhammad in 1975, it was first reprinted by UBUS Communications Systems. The Official online edition was uploaded by Seventhfam.com in 1997. Beginning with a brief autobiography of Muhammad, it also covers his philosophies on race, the religion of Islam, politics, economics, and social issues, and how they relate to the problems of African-Americans. The book also covers his own ideology and how he feels the "Blackman" can improve himself in America. The book calls for justice under the laws of America;or for America to help settle Black people in a separate land of its own, "either here or elsewhere.

  • 00:08

    "The Art of Letting Go"

    in Psychology

    There is a lot of life wisdom to take from buddhism. No, I am not recommending that anybody change their religious beliefs and become buddhist! I am talking about how learning, practicing, and applying many buddhist principals into your own life, does lead to more peace, joy, and calm. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Karin Weiri-Kolle, talks about this topic today.

  • 00:31

    Conscious Connection with Gary Stuart

    in Psychology

    My Guest is  Anngwyn St. Just Ph.D she specializes in Trauma in Family systems and also Nations and cultures. We will be delving into the Historaical aspects of WWII , Atomic Energy and the historical aspects of the  Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe unfolding as we speak. My intention is to give voice   nad awarenss to those in denial. Our planet is in trouble and being radiated daily & globally since March 11, 2011 since the Tsunami hit Japan.

  • 00:30

    TalkPsychwithAlexandKarolina; Bullying

    in Psychology

    Hello Everyone, Thanks for stopping by and tuning in!  We have a show every Monday night from 11:00p.m.-11:30p.m. est we talk about a variety of popular topics of psychology and sociology, and a mix of everything in between.  Every week we have a discussion about something that is important in our lives, or what we feel we should be talking about that day!  Join us this we as we discuss a very important issue and problem that is occuring in the American school system today, and that is bulleying.  So please join us as we discuss this difficult topic, and give suggestions on how to stand up to that school bully, as well as giving you some very personal emotional situations to help you relate to it!  Thanks for stopping by and tuning in we greatly appreaciate your listen, and tell 5 of your friends about us!