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    overcoming violent urges of anger.

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    this show will be fun it'll add alot of spark in your life just like that it'll give you life's wild treasures this is the ryan ford experience.

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    Isis Code: Revelations from Brain Research & Systems Science

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    Carl Gustav Jung has visualized wholeness in the collective unconscious and its archetypes. Quantum physicist David Bohm saw it in what he named the"implicate order" which sustains, guides and organizes energy. Not surprisingly also, as it is in all of us, perennial traditions intuitively expressed it through their myths, legends and even used it efficiently in their medical systems.   Most importantly, it is consequently expressed through the brain, an obvious fractal aspect of it. This brain being also an observable physical object, a consensus becomes possible as to the model at its origin. Putting these together, Ariane Page in her book Isis Code describes this ultimate model as the LIFE biosystem (Law Inherent to the Five Elements).   Join me with Ariane Page for a stimulating and informative conversation that covers a range of topics including Carl Jung, depth psychology, nature, biology, neuroscience, and the elusive quality of "oneness"

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    Tools to create more ease with ADHD, ADD, OCD and autism

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    What if you could have ease with the very things that are supposedly not ease, ADHD, ADD, autism, OCD...
    What capacities are hiding behind the diagnosis and what tools are available for more ease and the ability to create your life?
    Join Mag. Susanna Mittermaier, clin. psychologist, Access Consciousness Facilitator and founder of Pragmatic Psychology
    Diva Diaz, Access Consciousness Facilitator and founder of A New Idea for Dealing with OCD, ADD, ADHD and Autism
    on this show to open the doors to a new world!
    Diva Diaz, www.divadiaz.accessconsciousness.com
    Susanna Mittermaier, www.susannamittermaier.com

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    Jody Silver - Office of Consumer Affairs at NYC DOHMH

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    Today we interview Jody Silver.   Jody Silver has worked as a leading New York City-based mental health advocate for over 30 years, speaking up for change, integration and the overall better health of people with mental health challenges. Jody is currently the Director of the Office of Consumer Affairs for The New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene and has held this position for approximately 9 years.   Jody has taken leadership roles on major initiatives around crisis diversion, cultural competency, health integration and economic self-sufficiency. She has served on numerous boards and committees and received the 2012 NAMI Metro Seeds of Hope Award.  

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    GET REAL with Marci.....coming to Tampa Bay!

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    Understanding Depression and the Mood Disorders.  Ask Marci ANYTHING about Depression, Bipolar and Mood Disorders.

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    Meet the Surviviors

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    Meet Survivors of therapist abuse and ask them questions!

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    Connecting with Your Body Through Place

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    Join me for a fascinating discussion with Annabelle Berrios, JD, MA, a dear friend of mine who is exploring the relationship between our bodies and the places we inhabit.
    As Annabelle says, "When occupying the body feels uncomfortable or unsafe, the places we inhabit, past and present, offer clues and portals to transforming our relationship with the body and the world. Places embody myths and cultures that also occupy the human body."
    Annabelle and I will explore the place/body connection and she will offer practical exercise you can do to begin to work with this connection. 
    Annabelle is a graduate of Boston College Law School and the California Institute for Integral Studies. She is the author of the forthcoming Reclaiming Enchantment, Discovering Justice: the Conquest of Inner Seduction about the convergence of cultures currently happening in her body. 

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    Patterns of our Life: A Jungian Perspective

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    Our lives are  deeply influenced by the  workings of archetypes, and the patterns that  express their meaning.  It was Jung's work on the Objective Psyche that  brought us into awarness of these transpersonal, eternal  patterns of life, love and destiny.  In this eposide we will be discussing  role of Jungian  thought in modern culture with our special guest,  Bonnie Bright, the Founder and Director of The Depth Psychology Alliance.   
    A central theme in  todays show will focus on how it is that we can come to a richer understanding of these patterns shaping and influencing personal and collective experience.
    Bonnie Bright, M.A. is the founder of Depth Psychology Alliance, the world’s first comprehensive online community for depth psychology. Depth Psychology Alliance is free to join for anyone interested in Jungian and depth psychology and currently has nearly 2500 members from all over the world.
    Bonnie provides depth psychology media and educational content on her podcast, Depth Insights and serves as Exeutive Editor of the semi-annual scholarly e-zine of the same name. She recently founded www.DepthPsychologyList.com, an online database to find or list depth psychology-oriented therapists and practitioners.
    She holds Masters degrees in Psychology and Depth Psychology, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA, where she is writing her dissertation on Culture Collapse Disorder.

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    Bully Awareness Resistance Education

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    I will be interviewing the Founder and Director of B.A.R.E., Deborah Reisdorf  and BARE Board Member and Coach, Chris Gregory.  Both of these professionals are from Orange County, California. BARE is taking root in the school districts there. The current demands of how to find solutions are at the forefront of societies concerns. These speakers will shed light on how BARE is making a difference!