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    PTSD and Highly Sensitive People

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    This episode is being rebroadcast from Michele's original show, "Your Life After Trauma."
    How we perceive trauma – and the world – impacts our perception of events and even ourselves. Studies suggest that highly sensitive persons are more prone to PTSD due to the delicate nature of their perceptions. Understanding this can help both survivors and their caregivers navigate post-trauma recovery.
    Ane Axford, MS, LMFT, mental health and relationship therapist talks about ‘Highly Sensitive Persons’ from a clinical perspective. 
    For more recovery information visit, HealMyPTSD.com.

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    Brain & Handwriting Therapy - Written Escape Clinics International

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    Treyce Montoya, Lead Therapist at Written Escape Clinics International, hosts  this show with the topic of the powerful, often copied but never matched, Handwriting Formation Therapy or HFT program which was the FIRST of its kind in WORLD history and is EVIDENCE-BASED. Since its creation in 1987, children, teens, adults, and even the elderly have felt the POWERFUL empowerment and transformation WORLDWIDE.
    Also join co-host Dr. Isela Garcia, of the Alesi Group in Phoenix, Arizona, who is a specialist in the EARLY formations of the brain for children and how it reaches FAR beyond childhood.  Treyce & Isela will discuss how powerful the connection is between the HFT program & the brain when they work together. Join Deborah Colleen Rose & Kim Garcia with case studies, and much more. Listen to what our CALLERS have to say and how FEAR stops even the best intentions of our international clients.  You may not know this but, HFT is solely responsible for a near 100% COMPLETE STOP of recidivism rates with regard to high risk youth or repeat offenders and juveniles on probation SINCE 2006. 
    Yes – it is that powerful & it can help you too!
    Are YOU ready for a powerful home-based program that focuses on your future and not your past, then FIND a THERAPIST or BECOME a THERAPIST now at http://www.WrittenEscape.com
    REACH DR. GARCIA @ https://www.facebook.com/ALESIGroup

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    Motivational goals in the work place

    in Psychology

    We will be spending 5 minutes speaking about motiviational goals in the work place, and how to reach long term goals and short term goals. 

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    Ask Dr. Carlos- Call in show

    in Psychology

    Join Dr. Carlos on his new upcoming call-in talk show "Ask Dr. Carlos" on June 29th at 1pm pacific time (4pm eastern time). We believe in empowering people to grow and build in their lives in the shortest amount of time possible!
    Our Call in number is 646-929-0749.
    Dr. Carlos has a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology and has helped empower for the past 7 years. He has lectured to Fortune 500 companies, universities and others on the importance of being emotionally free and how to make better decisions in our lives.
    To learn more about us go to -

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    Conversations with Counselor Mandy: Inspired Stories of HOPE! with Linda Bender

    in Psychology

    Mandy Eppley will be interviewing passionate animal advocate, educator and author, Dr. Linda Bender. You can look forward to hearing many amazing stories of Linda's service in pursuit of justice for the animal kingdom that are inspiring and world-changing.
    Dr. Linda Bender’s love of the natural world began in her childhood backyard. Her innate rapport with animals inspired her to earn a doctorate in veterinary medicine.
    During the 14 years she spent living in England, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, Linda’s veterinary work included the rescue, rehabilitation, and protection of wildlife, often in remote areas. Working with zoos in Southeast Asia, she treated animals rescued from the wildlife trafficking trade and helped reintroduce them back into their natural habitats.  Working in the field with rarely encountered wildlife, she helped to develop treatment protocols.
    In both Asia and Africa she worked with local communities promoting anti-poaching initiatives and educational programs. Sharing stories of her deep connection to animals helped school children understand, respect and protect both wildlife and domestic animals.
    Her interest in the healing arts led her to open the Mind the Gap Wellness Center in Cincinnati and she also started one of the first pet therapy programs through the Ohio Mental Health Association. She is also co-founder of the nonprofit organization, From The Heart, whose proceeds are funneled to various animal charities that directly benefit animals and their habitats.
    Last summer Linda released her first book, Animal Wisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals (North Atlantic) This book illuminates the undeniable ability for animals to restore our ecological, emotional and spiritual balance. Visit her websit, LindaBend

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    Yoga; a mind body connection

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    Yoga is a wonderful way to connect the mind and body in addition to being a wonderful way to gain flexibility and strength. I will interview Tara Cervantes on her journey into yoga and how it has helped her. She will be talking on Thursday June 18th from 6-7:30pm in Deland Fl about her experience and training as a yoga instructor.

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    All About Relationships: 10 things to do to succeed in any relationship

    in Psychology

    Join us to learn the ten things to do to succeed in any relationship. Today, we will discover more about trust, the first ingredient to any successful relationship. How to trust who you trust...!All About Relationships is a different type of talk-show with Hosts Evinda Lepins, and Steve Atkinson, M.A. Evinda is a survivor of emotional, physical and sexual abuse, and Steve was her therapist for over seven years. Together they transparently talk about emotional wounds which lead to weaknesses and cause worries and bring to the table through their wit, encouragement and life experiences ways to acknowledge those things that keep us just surviving instead of thriving. They offer, in real-time,ways to overcome these wounds, weaknesses and worries. They have been reaching out to the walking wounded for several years, helping to make a difference one life at a time. If you struggle with any kind of wound, a weakness, aka an unhealthy habit, and/or are consistently worrying about anything and everything, then you will want to tune in for 30 minutes of free life coaching/counseling! Join us for the third of ten things to do to succeed in any relationship. Bring your questions and call us live!

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    Steven M. Rosen, Integrative Journey through Alchemical Dimensions

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    In the Preface to his latest book, Dreams, Death, Rebirth: A Topological Odyssey into Alchemy's Hidden Dimensions, Steven Rosen states: "Our greatest certainty and greatest mystery is our mortality. In this book, I explore the subject of death and rebirth from a philosophical perspective that addresses the question of human identity. What death and its possible survival mean to us depends on the meaning of “us”—they depend, that is, on what we assume to be the boundaries and limits of our being." Steve's work in this and his previous books is some of the most profound I have read. He draws upon the topological structures of the Mobius strip, the Klein bottle, and others to help us understand the truly paradoxical connection we have to other forms of life--the animal, vegetable, and mineral realms--which are not "out there" but "in here," in us. This book integrates the work of thinkers and paradigms that are not often integrated, including, Jean Gebser, C.G. Jung, alchemy, and topology.  And Steve's personal dreams are used to illustrate and deepen the ideas.  Truly a one of a kind journey!
    Check out his website http://embodyingcyberspace.com
    Link to Amazon.com to get the book

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    What is the Listening Corner and why it was created.

    in Psychology

    The Listening Corner is a safe enviorment where anyone can call and talk about there problems. The owner and founder is a Certifed Life Coach her self and is ready to take on the task. Most all t topics are exceptable. Rember this is a Christian Show, If you are out there and need someone to talk to ,or just listen, or here you out then The Listening Corner is here for you, Give us a call tonight.

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    Black Afrikan Acceptance - with my Nana Abena Afreeka

    in Psychology

    My dear sister/Nana/Elder Abena Afreeka will return to 13Revolution to discuss and break down Acceptance from a Black perspective.
    She will deal with the Bobbi Christina Brown situation and how it relates to our mental struggle as a people.

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    Part 3

    in Psychology

    Part 3 of 3

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