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Psychic Teachers Podcast features two well known intuitives -- Deb Bowen and Samantha Fey -- helping listeners learn how to embrace their inner psychic. Tune in and listen to these funny ladies discuss everything from ghosts and energy vampires to chakra clearing and spirit guides.

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Join and Deb and Samantha as we discuss and explore Atlantis and Lemuria. What are they? Did they really exist? What can we learn from these places and the people that lived there? Tune in for an exciting and informative hour.
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Psychics Samantha Fey and Deb Bowen discuss the impact our wounded inner child has on our intuitive ability and how we can heal and nurture our inner child.

Psychics Samantha Fey and Deb Bowen discuss our relationship with the Moon - how we learn from her, how we plan rituals and crystal cleaning according to her cycles, how she represents Maiden-Mother-Crone - and much more!

Psychics Samantha Fey and Deb Bowen discuss the metaphysical relationship between illness and Spirit in this exciting episode. Learn how your body speaks to you, gives warning signs, stops you in your tracks when you don't pay attention,... more

Psychic Deb Bowen gives listeners an update on Samantha, and discusses the ancient myths of Greek, Roman and Celtic Goddesses and how they continue to work in our lives today - yes, men too!

Psychics Samantha Fey and Deb Bowen teach you how to protect yourself, your loved ones, your home, car, and office from psychic attack!

A rare opportunity to call in to PsychicTeachers Samantha Fey and Deb Bowen! We'll be doing three-card draws (past/present/future) for listeners on tonight's show. At the same time, we'll be teaching about the depth and history of this... more

PsychicTeachers Deb Bowen and Samantha Fey honor Mother's Day in tonight's podcast as we discuss Mother's Intuition and the power of the Divine Feminine!

Clean house, do laundry, sit in the mommy line at school, bake brownies, pay bills, go to my "real" job, and oh yeah, meditate, clean my chakras, be intuitive...... all in a day. How do those of us who work in this field do it all? Join... more

Tune in at 9 pm eastern time for this intriguing discussion with Samantha Fey and Deb Bowen.

Urban legend? Demons? Aliens? Psychic Deb Bowen and Crystalologist Joel Hawkins (Samantha is away) discuss this frightening phenomenon and tell stories of people who've actually let them into their homes!