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Psychic Housewives Radio Real talk for real people who just happen to see ghosts, know what's coming, and get messages to help others.

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Join Psychic Housewives Rachelle & Sharri and hear how psychic is normal. An introduction to who we are and what we do! You will hear about spirit sprays and what they are used for, connecting with other like minded people and how... more

Tonight we talk about being of service to the other side. What's it like to help those who have passed? What's your experience with it? We'd love to hear from you and we'll talk about how someone else's unfinished business often... more

Tonight please join us to talk about how psychic housewives evolve, an exciting event at the Minneapolis Edge Expo, and how were are beefing up the retail side of things. Hosts Lorraine Roe and Helen Michaels talk to MN... more

This week we talk support. Wisconsin resident Shari Melrose talks being a wife, mom, and ...psychc housewife. How does getting support and giving support lend to the psychic life? Tonight we talk about what happens when you lean into... more

http://www.psychichousewives.com It seems we're all on a journey. And many of us ernestly pursue healing and self- improvement. But how much is too much? And how little is too little? Tonight Lorraine Roe pulls out her self-help books... more

Tonight we hit the airwaves with nothing planned. So, call in with your psychic experiences or wisdom or questions about being psychic. Reminder: we're not answering psychic questions about your life...but we answer questions about... more

Please join us with guest Shannon Carey Laackman the Psychic Cowgirl. http://www.goddessroxyrancherhealing.com/ We'll talk about how to ground your psychic abilities and deer medicine. Did you know Tuesday's full moon is the... more

I'm pleased to say that tonight Helen Michaels and I will have my friend Hillary Raimo on as our guest. Tonight she will focus on how the masculine illuminates feminine darkness. You know, like when your husband/ boyfriend irritates you... more

Tonight we talk with Psychic Housewife Susan Smith! We'll talk mediumship in daily life and what happens when you where a psychic housewives t-shirt into a Walmart in the deep south. In her own words here's more about Susan: Susan... more
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