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MIA-Expert Psychic

Psychic and Spiritual Advisor/Healer & Life Coach


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FREE PSYCHIC READINGS daily!!! I will discuss a spiritual or psychic topic daily. These spiritual classes range from spiritual awakening, spiritual truths behind love relationships, psychic visions, archangel messages, paranormal hauntings, and a variety of topics related to spirituality. I have discussed the RH- blood factor and characteristics. I will teach you how to enhance your own psychic abilities as well. There is always something new and exciting. It's a very relaxing environment and a flexible one. Share your visions, vent, ask any psychic question. These shows are meant to be interactive and uplifting. You are going to feel better emotionally and physically. I will encourage you to only send out positive thoughts to the Universe. Raise the polarity of everything from love to money. Follow your dreams and they will come to fruition. I am also a spiritual advisor, healer, and life coach. I am an expert psychic and I provide readings for the world. I read professionally on Kasamba, http://www.kasamba.com/MIA-ExpertPsychic You can also contact me for a private reading by email or phone at mia0899cs@gmail.com

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Part II and Continuation of characteristics of a Lightworker. I will get to all of them as the show ended before I could. You will understand if it's your mission. Many people ask if they are. Many people are spiritually awakening and are becoming... more

I recently was asked if I thought this person was a Lightworker? Without doing a psychic reading and reading all the detailed questions about problems in this person's life including if they are cursed, I knew that they are not a Lightworker.... more

Happy Thanksgiving!!! We can all find something that we are thankful for today. It doesn't matter what you are doing today but you will understand that what's important is right in front of your face. Be Thankful for you!!! I kept getting this... more

This is going to be such an eye awakening episode for so many people who start dating again. We are hypersensitive and looking for every red flag when we first start dating someone. You must remember that the other person may be doing... more

This episode is about explaining what Tantric Sex is and how to engage in it with your partner. It has saved many marriages and relationships. When you can connect as one during love making it will heighten the entire process of love... more

It's true what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Many of us have skeletons from our past which still haunt us, however, when they are released you will notice that your mission is to help others. You are a lightworker! Yes, you charted a difficult... more

Whether you want to admit it or not there are patterns that must be broken before you can move forward in your life. I can see it when I do Psychic Readings and many times it has to do with love relationships and finding the right one. When I... more

This is a continuation from yesterday's show regarding how your past life affects your present one. When you realize your problems are stemming from a past lifetime and know what they are then you have learned your karmic lesson and... more

i had a very good show when the topice was Past Lives. I feel many people still need to understand their past lifetime as this will set them free in this lifetime. We bring fears and phobias into this lifetime based on the past. We usually have a... more

Psychic Predictions continued for the rest of this year and 2016. ISIS THREATS USA, Economy, Illness to Come to USA, Depopulation, New World Order is here and it will be made known in 2016. Strong Citiies Network will spread to every... more