Last Show! Inspiration and Readings with Shana Lee

Psychic Medium Shana Lee

Psychic Medium Shana Lee

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This is it! My last Blog Talk show for the foreseeable future. 

I've loved every minute of 'Spirit Talks' and speaking to people from across the world. As a psychic and medium I love using my gifts to inspire and empower you. I beileve in following my heart and encouraging others to do the same. This is only the beginning of my radio ventures, so please stay connected through my website or newsletter for future news at 

 I hope you'll join me for my last show where I seek to inspire and empower you in your life. I will take your calls and answer your questions! 

Thank you for your love and support. I wish you all the greatest peace, love and joy. Never give up, no matter what obstacles you are faced with. You are a spiritual warrior and  life is but a dream.... 


See you on the show,

Shana Lee xx

Lisa Williams
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