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Leila Davis - Visionary Artist - Hypnotherapy - Counslor

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Join us on Paranormal N More Radio for our incredible guest Leila Davis.

Leila’s work is devoted to the individual bringing deeper awareness by cutting through common perceptions and as well their misconceptions. She allows her clients to step out and beyond the limited reality that we all perceive ourselves to be in. Her amazing abilities bring a new meaning to the term "Intuition.". Nationally and Internationally renown, Leila has over 30 years experience in the parapsychology field. Blessed by God with her inherited abilities, she comes from a long spiritual intuitive lineage. In 1983, Leila moved to the United States. She currently resides and practices in a beautiful and peaceful rural region in the U.S. Leila is a gifted Medium, Spiritual Intuitive Counselor and teacher, Visionary Artist, trained Hypnotherapist, a Professional Psychology Counselor. 

For over thirty years, she has been practicing, teaching, and continually enhancing her abilities. Thousands of people have benefited from her private counseling, and from that private counseling practice, Leila developed her own techniques to help others. Her insights include specific knowledge of metaphysics, mysticism, psychology, parapsychology and science not taught by the conventional educational systems or traditional religions. 


Leila Davis
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