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Prophetic News is a Christian radio program lifting up the gospel of Jesus Christ. Exposing errors in the church, false prophets, false teachers, and end time events, leading up to the great apostasy and the coming of the Antichrist. We will discuss how some so called ministries pimp for money, manipulating people for their own greedy motives. We want to teach people to give out of love and not out of selfishness. We want to see the witchcraft used on so called "Christian TV" to stop. Jesus overturned the money changers tables and we want to do the same. We hope people like Mike Murdock, Paula White, Steve Munsey, Rod Parsley, Marcus and Joni Lamb, TBN, God TV and too many others to count will repent and stop using fear and manipulation to con people to give offerings. You truly CANNOT buy a miracle. For Susan's ministerial resume go to

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Rod Parsley celebrates 30 years of scamming people with his "resurrection seed" offering. Rod delves deeper and deeper into the pit of destruction and he lifts his fist in the face of God and refuses to repent of his wicked, wicked ways. He even involves his young daughter, Ashston Parsley in his scams, teaching her to become a gospel scam artist. Where is " Miss Joni" his wife and fellow conspirator in this outrage. Is she as low as him? Now he sells water---how desperate is he?
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Is Healing for today? Is Jesus Christ able and willing to heal you? Can He heal your mind? The bible says when Jesus Christ walked on the earth He was filled with Compassion. Can we know Him that way even though He is not here in... more

My guest is author of "Explain This" Christine Weick a verse by verse explanation of the book of Revelation and we will discuss the Occupy Wallstreet fiasco - the Vatican's imput on it and the Vatican's conference to push for one world religion... more

My guest is author Christine Weick and we will discuss the Occupy Wallstreet fiasco - the Vatican's imput on it and the Vatican's conference to push for one world religion. The crisis in Europe...and the Looming war with Iran, Join us... more

I will be reading some of the comments that I get on my YouTube channel.

Today we will talk about Rock and Roll Christianity or what does it PROFIT a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?? How hard is it for a rich man to enter into heaven? The LUST of the eyes and the pride of life has... more

Our special guest is author James Sundquist. James is an accomplished author and musician,and has a new DVD "Making Merchandise of Men's Souls" topics include Psychotherapy vs. Scripture, Part II Church Denominations Confiscating... more

Was the founder of AA, Bill Wilson a Christian? Do they base their philosophy on being born again.? Should a Christian join AA?? Is it of God for you to go back to when you were two to get your memories healed???? Is it a form of... more

Who are the Palestinians? Why do they deny the state of Israel? Can God Almighty save the nation of Israel?? Will world war 3 break out here??? Join Susan and Brenda Johnson of "As the Day Approaches" on Blog Talk Radio for... more

Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and the false teachings that are hurting the body of Christ. Today our guests are Pastor John Murray of Tree of Life Christian Fellowship, Bruce Hallman of the... more

Spiritual Abuse is running rampant in the church, Whether it's a tithing scam, seed faith nonsense,or the pastor and his family receiving lavish gifts, almost all of us have been affected by spiritual abuse. How do you know if you're getting... more
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