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The ecclesia (church) of Jesus Christ, ("the called out ones") through the "first works" host the very presence & power of God, as a witness in the earth.

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This week we will go over the Seven Churches of Asia Minor in retrospect to the Seven Church Periods. We want to quantify our teaching by solidifying these valuable lessons through each church period up to the current age. Don't miss... more

Don't miss the conclusion in a trilogy of teaching's on the Church of Laodicea! The Laodicean Church period is the seventh and last church period that Jesus addresses in the Book of Revelation. It spans from approximately 1900 until the... more

Who is rich? The love of money is the root of all evil, while spirtuaity is a an all time low. Having the form of godliness, the power of the Spirit of God has been denied access into most Christian religious services today. Largely they are... more

Our churches today are largely in a "lukewarm" condition. Very little spirtuaity is present in them. Largely they are geared to collect money as they drive the wheels of the Church as if it were some kind of mechanical social machine.... more

Today we will take a look at what brotherly love can accomplish within the body of Christ. When the Church gets together in love, there is nothing that can hinder it from spreading the gospel throughout the world. The world is hungry to see a... more

The Church at Sardis was called a "Dead Church" though it had a reputation that it was alive. In other words, it had the "form of godliness, but denied the power thereof." (2 Tim. 3:5). This Formalistic church was given over to fomal exhibition... more

Today we will talk on the "corrupt" Church of Thyatira. The spirit of Jezebel, or the false prohetess seduced God's servants to commit fornication and prize things or idols over the Spirtual things of God. Don't miss this eye opening series, "The... more

Today we will talk about the third Church of Christian history, Pergamos. It was a literal church in Asia Minor in 96AD as well as a representation of the conditions of the third period of Church history. We will take a close look at the meaning... more

The church of Smyrna (Rev. 2:8-11) was a faithful church though they endured much persecution suffering and literal poverty. The lesson is clear, suffering is not foreign to salvation, on the contrary, all who live godly will suffer persecution (2... more

Episode 6 in the Study of the Book of Revelation (Chapter 2:1-7) we will study the Church of Ephesus and the false doctrine of the Nicoliations. To my faithful listeners: We are airing late today (4:30 PM). We are seeing if the audience is... more
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