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Prophetic Fragrance

Prophetic Fragrance


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YOU EVER WANT TO GET INTO A REAL ARGUMENT OR DEBATE OVER SINFUL LIVING, JUST SAY SOMETHING ABOUT SIN IN THE PRESENCE OF MANY OF THE PREACHERS NOW A DAYS!!   Many,  most vigorous debaters are the pastors of the churches who are now most concern with the quantity and the financial status of the ministry rather than the souls of the people in the congregations.  They prefer talent and the skill of the music department even moreso than the character of those individuals.  The scripture clearly states that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God; but it never states that all are supposed to daily sin and fall short of the glory of God. BTW; there is a difference in fallen down ,and intentionally laying down with the intentions to sin willfully!!!  Sorry if no one ever told you the dfference!  Many of the people of the churches who live outright sinfully on a daily basis, never change because of the pulpit support. The leadership have almost made the churches of none effect in the world; the church is taken as a joke, no longer a serious thing, even at funerals!  So; sinner-man; sinner-wman; are you going to heaven anyway in your sinful state?  Perhaps you've taken the idea of loving the sinner a bit too far?  You should never love the sin or rather be accepting of the actual sin, lending support to the one that sins with no desire to stop the sin to which they actively living in!!  It's too bad that many wont like this particular topic; unless God told you that He has changed His mind concerning the scripture, you shouldn't be preaching a message that doesn't agree with the scripture. The wages of sin is still death!!  The gift of God is still eternal life; but only to those that receive God's gift to the World in the person of Jesus Christ!!  Preacher you're supposed to be free and clean from living the lifestyle of a sinner.  Let's talk real support........