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Welcome to Prophecy Zone Radio your Ezekiel 33 watchmen on the wall. Bible Prophecy is the focus here at the PZR. We are hear to warn The world of coming Judgment that will full without warning. We will cover on this show the rise of the Mediterranean Union the empire of the Antichrist, Israels soon coming war with Russia/Iran/Turkey/Syria. The Mark of the beast technology and the New World Orders soon control of ever living thing on this earth. We will expose Satan's plan to control the world. We will also look at the church and the falling away false teachings that are running free in the church. The Rapture of the church, The rise of Islam, The fall of America and much more. We need to Pray for our leaders and this country. What will happen in 2011. Listen to the Prophecy Zone and find out what the world will be facing in the coming months.

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Karl Denninger will be our guest today on the Prophecy Zone. For most Americans a jobless recovery is an oxymoron. After all, the vast majority of Americans who pump money into the economy through consuming what they... more

Today,s Prophecy Zone 7:00PM PST Prophetic news Susan Puzio. We will discuss pimps in the pulpit and give the pimp of the week award. Boycott "ministries" who use manipulation to raise money. Catholicism-False religious... more

Ralph Epperson will be my guest on The Prophecyzone for two full hours. Ralph Epperson is an historian, author, and lecturer who has been researching the CONSPIRATORIAL VIEW OF HISTORY (the view that the major events of the... more

Join me as we welcome to the Prophecy zone Matt buff from Rapture Ready Radio and Ron and Kevin Breaking the silence. First we will have Rapture ready Radio we will talk to Matt Buff and look at: What in the world is going on in the... more

Join me Tonight as The Prophecy Zone welcomes to the show Raptures Ready Radio & Ralph Epperson. Ralph Epperson is an historian, author, and lecturer who has been researching the CONSPIRATORIAL VIEW OF HISTORY... more

Current Events

We are in the end times. Listen as we talk about current events in line of the end time bible prophecies.

Current Events

Prophecy Zone Radio 7PM Pt 8PM Mt 9PM Ct 10PM Et Join us on the Prophecy Zone tonight as we welcome guess Susan Puzio from Prophetic News, Jeffrey Geibel of wekillchildren.com and Phoenix of the watch Men Chronicles.... more

Hello everyone. I hope you are having a great day in the Lord. 28 Jan 2010 show Topic could included but not be limited to the following; Haiti/earthquake, Haarp Mark of the beast, NWO Bible prophecy: Daniel, Ezekial, Revelation, Matt 24,... more
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