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Prophecykeepers Radio airs every night at 5PM Pacific, 6PM Mountain, 7PM Central and 8PM Eastern time. Most programs are prerecorded from 200 program archives. Subscribe to NEW program announcements at www.Prophecykeepers.net. Every Sunday is an Oklevueha Native American Church program... occasionally new/live...look for LIVE in the title. LIVE interviews usually take listener call-ins for questions. All new programs are archived within 1/2 hour afterwards. To check out our new video, go to the bottom of this page, and click the "Show Extras" box. Learn what REAL Native elders REALLY teach about prophecy. We discuss prophecies of many different Native American compared with European and other religions. We debunk 2012 rumors. From the Native American viewpoint, we typically compare Prophecy of many different religious traditions, Vision Quests, UFOs, Sasquatch, Conspiracies, Mayan Calendar, Shamanism, Paranormal, et al. If it's spiritual, strange and/or weird, it's probably here on Prophecykeepers Radio! Mad Bear Anderson was the founder of the Indian Unity Movement... and its child, the American Indian Movement. He was a Lord or "Faithkeeper" of the 6 Nations (Iroquois) Confederacy. He said, "Someday someone will collect all the Native People’s prophecies, myths and legends, and would publish them in one place, so they could be compared with those of all Native People.

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http://intelligent-infinity.com Wynn Free is a researcher and contactee of inter-dimensional intelligence that he believes has played a huge role in the evolution of mankind in both individual and collective ways. His first exposure to the idea of inter-dimensional intelligence occurred in his days as an agnostic physics major at UC-Berkeley where he discovered the work of Edgar Cayce and extensively studied the Cayce material. Some 30 years later, in 1999, he discovered the website of David Wilcock, and after a year of study of Wilcock's story and channelings, he became convinced that Wilcock was the reincarnation of Cayce. He became the principal author, with Wilcock, of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. After the book was released in 2004, Wilcock decided to change his public expression from that as a channeler to a researcher of ancient cultures, conspiracies, and ETs. But the "Sources" had already developed a contingency plan to ensure their message would get out. In 2002, they initiated ongoing communications with Wynn. He found himself in the middle of a game-changing experience when his new girlfriend started channeling an intelligence that identified itself as the Council of Elohim, supposedly, the Creators of the physical universe. After a few years of intensive dialogues, and some miracles of healing, Wynn became predisposed to believe they were who they said they were and set himself the challenge of figuring out how to translate his experiences into something that could make a contribution to others. He has lectured at churches and expos. He's been a guest on numerous radio shows,and holds 3 free conference calls/internet broadcasts a week with actual communications with the Elohim to which everyone is invited. Listeners can submit questions which he poses live on the call. Participants report experiencing transformations.
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Prerecorded... Chances are, everything you were ever taught about the Children of Israel, the "Hebrews" IS WRONG! In this interview you will learn the shocking truth about the Hebrews and their actual identity. Dr. Shalomim Halahawi... more

Prerecorded... Mr. Kuzma (facebook) (blog) a Buffalo, New York attorney, spearheaded the efforts to obtain the release of government documents on the Peltier case. Mr. Kuzma discovered that the government continues to withhold... more

Rebroadcasted with permission of Black Talk Radio (website).... no calls please The war on drugs does more to destroy the family unit than the actual drugs themselves. Joining me tonight will be James Mooney of LEAP & Oklevueha... more

Prerecorded... no calls please. The Cherokee Elders Council (website) was founded by Paul Thomas in Pryor, Oklahoma on July 9, 1996. Paul Thomas was a larger-than-life person. A military veteran, he dedicated his career to Law... more

Prerecorded... no calls please Harvey Arden (website) (facebook) was a National Geographic correspondent who traveled worldwide, and later focused on Nativist subjects. He is author/editor of: Wisdomkeepers: Meetings with Native American... more

Carlos Barrios is the author of Kam Wuj: El Libro del Destino, a book published in Spanish that explores Mayan teachings. His book is being translated into English for future publication.Mr. Barrios can be contacted via Saq' Be' --... more

Prerecorded... ?Tsquayi ( White Heron) is a good person; if he is in your presence and you are Cherokee, you will perceive that what I claim here is true. If you are not Cherokee and you admire honesty, compassion, and respect for... more

Who IS Marc "the Arcturian?" (Website)(Youtube) This is the bread crumb call. ?I was shown this path ONLY with the agreement I would take detailed notes and show others - at no charge & in no uncertain terms - the trail One must walk to... more

Prerecorded... Dr. Clifford N. Alford (website) began his training at five years old, when his Grandmother, a Texas Cherokee Medicine Woman recognized his interest in herbs and the ways of Mother Earth. She taught him an average of... more

Precorded... I WILL TELL YOU A TRUE THING! Since 1 B.C., there has not been a Christian who does not tell of ?Jesus? by using that very same name. Since 500 A.D., there has not been a Muslim who does not tell of Mohammed... more
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