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Ark of Millions of Years - Brooks Agnew: Researching the Nephilim Zohar/Kabbala

  • Broadcast in Religion



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Intelligent Design of the Earth is the hottest topic being discussed today. The Ark of Millions of Years is the best-selling handbook on the creation and evolution of the Earth today. Did you know the earth is a binary planet, made of two parts? Do you know about the great ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Mu and how they were destroyed? Do you know who the Nephilim were, and how they have influenced our world? Do you want to know who the real ET is? Then you need to read this book.

Are you aware of the End-Times Prophecies? Do you want to know where they came from and why they may really be important to us at this time? Do you know the origin of nearly all religious symbols on the earth today? Are you willing to read the greatest story on the universe? Then you need to read this book.

Other key concepts discussed during the show

The Restoration of the Nazarene Sect of which Jesus was once a member
Thomas O. Mills book "The Truth" - Hopi Religion found on the Giza Plateau
Did Gameliel officially prophesy that Jesus actually was the Messiah?