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OKLEVUEHA RADIO - Joseph Fire Eagle Clements, ONAC Minister of Peace

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I am Joseph Fire Eagle Clements. I am enrolled in the Cherokee Nation of Sequoyah. I am Ordained Minister of Peace via ONAC of Indiana Apache and Cherokee nations. Let's get on to the present situation within the tribes of the Native Americans. It saddens me today to see the members of the Cherokee Nation at such odds with others who are not ''full blooded tsalagi'', and who are not members of the ''Oklahoma Cherokee'', are not ''members of the Cherokee Family. This saddens me indeed. When have we as the true occupants of this land, the Native American Red Man, descended from Adam the original. Everyone who studies Hebrew language knows that ''Adam'' is a Hebrew word meaning, ''Ruddy'' or Red Man!! Get it? The very first occupants of the turtle island were the red man. We were created in the image of the One True God, Yohewah. And he made our skin RED, the color of earth. We are the keepers of Mother Earth together, no one man can do this daunting task, it is too hard for one alone. we must all pick up our hoes and get rid of the weeds from among the wheat. The tares among us, this is what I would like to address. a man is not a Cherokee who is a Cherokee on his skin. A man who is a Cherokee is a Cherokee in his HEART. Let us return to the original path, and let us concentrate on the Original Task...to go in and possess the land, and occupy till I come. We must work together to bring back the traditional native American ways to the hearts of our people. The elders must be restored to their teaching the young men, and the mothers of our tribes to the teaching of the young women. If we do not turn back to the ''love thy neighbor as thyself'', and the ''put something back when you take something away.'' Do not cut a tree down in this life unless you are willing to plant another in its place.