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OKLEVUEHA: James Flaming Eagle Mooney of L.E.A.P. on Time 4 Hemp Radio

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Prerecorded... no call-ins please.

A complilation and condensation of James W. Flaming Eagle Mooney's four broadcasts on Time 4 Hemp Radio on behalf of L.E.A.P. a/k/a Law Enforcemant Against Prohibition.

James is a former narcotics officer from Hurricane, Utah and a founder of Olevueha Native American Church.


Who We Are…

…is not as important as what we are doing and why we are doing it. There has been a concerted effort over the last two centuries to destroy the Indigenous American Native Religious Culture. It is sad enough that the lifestyle of living in harmony with Mother Earth and Father Sky by living a nomadic existence in order to not destroy the plants and animals, but harvest them with respect and moderation has been taken away, but the blessings of the Indigenous American Native Religious healing traditions (Oklevueha Native American Church) have been suppressed and taken to the verge of extinction. This Religious tradition uses plants and herbs along with ceremonies to heal body, mind and spirit and assist with the transitions of life that we all experience as opposed to most chemicals that create dependency, and technical approaches that invade and disrespect our very being.

In essence, all of us involved in this effort have spent our lives learning, teaching, assisting and sacrificing in order to preserve and share these healing traditions. Some of us have done so consciously, but many have been prepared by a higher power through the things we have experienced to see and understand the wisdom and blessings of the Indigenous American Native Religious Culture and what the whole world can receive from it if they only will.