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VISION QUEST: The Power of Ecstatic Trance w/ Dr. Nicholas Brink

  • Broadcast in Religion



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Nicholas Brink, PhD is an Instructor of Ecstatic Trance, Certified by the Cuyamungue Institute. 

Ecstatic Trance is an altered state of consciousness induced by rapid auditory stimulation of the nervous system such as by the shaking of a rattle, or the beating of a drum.  The state of Ecstatic Trance is traditionally associated with the trance used by ancient and contemporary shaman.  Felicitas Goodman, the founder of the Cuyamungue Institute, added an important dimension to her research on ecstatic trance, i.e. the dimension of body posture.  In her examination of ancient and primitive art, she identified what she believed to be postures used by shaman and discovered that specific postures have specific effects on the trance experience: some postures are for bringing healing energy into the body, others for journeying to other worlds, some are for divination, others for initiation or death-rebirth experiences and some are for metamorphous or shape-shifting.  We all are capable of using these powers that were once believed to be available only to the shamans.  As an instructor for the Institute, I teach the use of these postures for answering questions, healing and personal growth.

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