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NEW! LIVE! Bennie Blue Thunder LeBeau: Healing Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites

  • Broadcast in Religion



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Bavado will share the teachings in his book, "How to Promote Peace Through Healing Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites", and will gather those who are called, to heal droughts on the West Coast, utilizing sacred sites From Oregon to Northern, Central and Southern California.

Bavado's work helps people understand the natural laws behind the great power of the medicine wheel ceremonies and rituals. When people witness this power, as the ceremonies make earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, fires, tidal waves, droughts and other environmental energies, gentle, and even stop taking place, and when they see the changes in nature, and the many environmental healings affected through these ancient ways, they begin to remember.

It is through this remembering that people all over the world will begin to practice the Laws of Nature, the way of ceremony again, restoring peace, love and harmony to all of Creation.

We invite people everywhere to join Bavado in the Medicine Wheel Ceremony, to show the world how they can heal themselves and their lands and how we can bring the love and wisdom that the indigenous peoples of the America’s hold, and share it with the world.

It has been prophesied that the ones who remember this knowledge, will lead the world into peace. This is time to fulfill that destiny. We have the opportunity to prove that peace is restored by utilizing these ceremonies and rituals, working together as one in the Americas, sending the message worldwide.

Together we are shape shifting the New Earth - healing and calming the winds, clearing the fire grids and volcanoes, restoring and reviving the soil, healing the earthquakes energies, and purifying the waters.

Utilizing these sacred teachings, we heal the environment, harmonize the electrical magnetic energies, to create a gentle Shift - one with Mother Earth, as she births the new world ahead.