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Project Purpose

Project Purpose


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This world is getting crazier by the minute and if we don't setup and do something this generation and the next will continue to be lost!

Many things good or bad orginated from a thought! What does your thought process dictate to you!

Words Matter enough said!

You reap what you sow! Everything you do in this life your decisions comes back to you good or bad!

Ever have regrets in your life? Whether it's a love one that died and you didn't tell them you love them or it could an opportunity that you let pass by. Don't waste with the Most High it might be too late!

What do you fear? Do you know what God says about fear? Listen in!

Doyou own up to your mess or do you make excuses and blame other people. True healing starts when you can own up to the mistakes you make and not deflect from the real issue at hand.

Do you have people around you that you call friends? Those people that influnce you to do wrong? Are you a leader or a follower?

Halloween is a pagan holiday that promotes evil and on this day people are sacrificed as well as animals i.e.blackcats. What is so sad is that some people who are suppose to be serving the MOST HIGH AND HIS SON YESUWAH are... more

We have to run this race called life and without God as the frontrunner in our lives we will have an expected end.
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