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Janice Russell

Matter Minder Tips with Janice


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Productivity Strategist & Master Organizer, Janice Russell, shares tips & strategies to increase productivity in your professional or personal life. Hints for organizing your schedule & space will also be shared.

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So much of our lives is accessible in the virtual world! While it's easy to ignore it and just hope that nothing bad happens, it's pretty simple to take a couple of steps to guard your privacy. In this episode, Productivity Coach and Master... more

Is your desk covered with papers (from a variety of sources) and writing utensils? Or maybe there are a few food wrappers scattered on your desk. It's possible that you have some receipts or books on there as well. The problem is that usually... more

I don't know about you, but there are times when I feel like my brain might explode! Between information from various sources, not to mention my own thoughts, my brain can become full to overflowing unless I take care of it. No... more

I'm pretty sure we'll never have a paperless society! Among other reasons, we like printing out articles too much! We can take steps to become partially paperless. In this episode, Productivity Coach, Janice Russell, discusses concrete steps to... more

Do you feel like you have so much information in your brain that it comes spilling out your ears from the overflow? Or maybe your brain feels so stuffed that you can't imagine it holding another piece of data. In today's episode, Productivity... more

I'm not a financial planner, accountant or insurance agent, but I do manage my budget so that I can pay my bills on time. I also have money for emergencies and for the future. How about you? Money management is not instinctive... more

On a bike, sitting still, barely pedaling or pedaling like crazy aren't very helpful in getting you to your destination. You may arrive, but you might be late or you might be exhausted. Instead, consistent pedaling at a moderate pace is the... more

Getting organized is similar to getting in shape...you will use muscles you probably haven't used in awhile. But don't let that scare you! In this episode, Master Organizer, Janice Russell, will help you set up just the right organizing... more

Plastic or wire mesh drawer dividers. Wicker or bamboo bins. Plastic cubes. Fabric or plastic shoe pockets. There are too many choices when it comes to containers for organizing. Some of the selections may call your name and... more

Celebrations: Parties, presents, decorations. It doesn't matter whether it's Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa or birthdays or Mother's/Father's Day or wedding/baby showers or any other time when you exchange gifts, there is often... more