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Janice Russell

Matter Minder Tips with Janice


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Productivity Strategist & Master Organizer, Janice Russell, shares tips & strategies to increase productivity in your professional or personal life. Hints for organizing your schedule & space will also be shared.

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Whether or not one of your hobbies is climbing mountains, you probably scale some everyday in a figurative sense because you've got many "task mountains" to summit each day. This episode highlights 5 practices to help you more... more

Your schedule is already busting with tasks, and then comes the phone call or email asking you to attend an event or help with an activity. Whether or not you want to do it is a moot point if there is no time in your schedule. In this episode,... more

I'm sure you're familiar with procrastination. Sometimes you may be very deliberately procrastinating. Other times the procrastination may be more subtle. The problem is that procrastination doesn't get a task done and sooner or later... more

Do colleagues or friends get irritated with you because you are consistently late by 15 or more minutes? You always offer a plausible reason, but that doesn't usually decrease their frustration. You vow to be on time in the future. But...... more

You remember Justin Case, don't you?!? "I'm saving this industry bulletin Justin Case I need to refer back to it." "I'm keeping all drafts of this document Justin Case I want to check out a previous version." Ah, I see that you have met him.... more

You're 2 days from leaving for your vacation. You have at least 50 items on your to-do list. When you get on the plane, you realize that you 45 of those items were completed. How come we get so much more done right before a vacation?... more

It's hard to schedule vacation time. It's challenging to plan what you'll do while on your vacation. And it's almost impossible to really take the vacation! But when was the last time you actually took the vacation and weren't checking your... more

So much of our lives is accessible in the virtual world! While it's easy to ignore it and just hope that nothing bad happens, it's pretty simple to take a couple of steps to guard your privacy. In this episode, Productivity Coach and Master... more

Is your desk covered with papers (from a variety of sources) and writing utensils? Or maybe there are a few food wrappers scattered on your desk. It's possible that you have some receipts or books on there as well. The problem is that usually... more

I don't know about you, but there are times when I feel like my brain might explode! Between information from various sources, not to mention my own thoughts, my brain can become full to overflowing unless I take care of it. No... more