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Productivity Strategist & Master Organizer, Janice Russell, shares tips & strategies to increase productivity in your professional or personal life. Hints for organizing your schedule & space will also be shared.

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Disorganization. You know how it looks and feels, but do you know that understanding the causes of disorganization can be instrumental in overcoming the clutter. Chronic disorganization (CD), as defined by the Institute for... more

Do you feel trapped? Chained to your computer or smart phone? It's not just surfing on the web; it's all the time spent looking at and responding to email. Sometimes it feels like you are sitting, focused on your monitor, and surrounded... more

The word "no" is short powerful difficult to say Yet it is extremely helpful if you want to increase productivity or create functional organization. In this episode, Master Organizer & Productivity Strategist, Janice Russell, will show you the... more

When you go into your closet, can you put your hand on any piece of clothing and know that it fits and that you look great in it? No? Why not? Let me guess: your closet is too small you have too many clothes jammed into it some of the... more

Are you a good consumer? Most people are. We buy when we need, when we want and when things are on sale. The word "free" sends us into heaven. If you have space for what you buy, then there's no problem. If not, then... more

Where are your medicines? My guess is that they are in the bathroom. And the kitchen. And wherever you might have a little spot open. Your answer impacts your ability to find medicine when you need it and it might affect the potency.... more

Do you have stuff everywhere? Piles on flat surfaces? Clothes draped heavily over chairs? Icons jockeying for space on your computer desktop? If you yearn for better organization in your home or office, you'll want to listen to Master... more

So here's "the thing" about organizing your space-it's not just about stuff and containers. Whether you're organizing a closet, pantry, home office, linen closet or some other space, it's tempting to go get containers first. After all, you need... more

New emails. New clothes. New papers. New tasks. There is always something new entering our ultra-busy, mega-crammed lives. The problem is that "new" anything impacts the status quo. If you're already disorganized, you may... more

Electronics have been a way of life for quite a while and will continue to be with increasing frequency and use. The problem is that you have the electronics you currently use as well as the ones you no longer use but haven't deleted. You... more