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Janice Russell

Matter Minder Tips with Janice


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Productivity Strategist & Master Organizer, Janice Russell, shares tips & strategies to increase productivity in your professional or personal life. Hints for organizing your schedule & space will also be shared.

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You've been trying to improve various areas in your personal and professional life. While you've had some success, it's been limited. You're looking for long-term improvement. In this episode, Organizing and Productivity Professional Janice... more

You've been trying to organize your stuff and your time. Progress was happening. Then it came to a dead stop. Now you're stuck and you don't know if your stuff will ever be organized or if your schedule will ever be reasonable. In... more

Raise your hand if you have one or more of the following: Books that are double-stacked on shelves or piled up on the floor. No room on your calendar to schedule an important appointment. Clothes tossed on a chair. A never-ending... more

"I need to pay that bill before I get a late charge!" "I'd really like to learn how to take better photos." "I'd love to park my car in the garage, but I don't have time to clear the stuff out so the car can fit!" Sad to say, but between what we need... more

Resolutions. Goals. Intentions. Regardless of your philosophy on goals for a new year, let's make 2018 a year of life improvement. The sky's the limit! In this episode, Productivity and Organizing Professional, Janice Russell, will highlight... more

The holiday's can be fun and exciting OR stressful and exhausting OR a little bit of both:-) In this episode, Organizer Coach, Janice Russell, will highlight 7 practical steps you can start taking NOW to decrease your stress and increase... more

How many of the following places do you store digital and physical photos? Phone SD card Cloud DVDs Shoe box Tablet Envelop Hard drive In this episode, Organizing Professional Janice Russell, will discuss several options for... more

* It's five minutes before an important meeting. Your phone rings and you answer it. Oops! It's someone who loves to talk on the phone. If you're not careful, you'll be late to that meeting. * Tomorrow your vacation starts. You have a flight... more

Counters and tables filled with papers and other stuff? More stuff on the stairs or in the corner of a room? People have different tipping points at which clutter shifts from "just some stuff" to "OVERWHELM!" But when "overwhelm" hits, it can be... more

An ice cream or butter churn create food. When the sea churns, it usually indicates rough weather of some type. After the storm, the ocean calms. What happens when we churn? Often we remain in a state of disorganization or we... more