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Janice Russell

Matter Minder Tips with Janice


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Productivity Strategist & Master Organizer, Janice Russell, shares tips & strategies to increase productivity in your professional or personal life. Hints for organizing your schedule & space will also be shared.

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Do you find organizing your personal and professional stuff to be overwhelming? Do you not organize because you're afraid you won't make any progress? In this episode, Master Organizer Janice Russell, gives you 5 quick & easy activities to... more

Each day you have lots of tasks and projects to complete! Some may be easily done without any real thought or effort on your part. Others may be more challenging. Often people get to the end of the day and complain that they... more

Yes, you read that right! Saying "I should" goes against conventional wisdom because it is often associated with unrealistic demands we place on ourselves. However, in this episode, Productivity Coach, Janice Russell, will discuss three... more

Do you have a Ph.D.? You may or may not have this educational credential. However, if Ph.D. stood for "projects-half-done" would you have one then? Many people are puzzled by how consistently they earn the "projects-half-done" type... more

You've probably heard or said the expression "an elephant in the room." It usually refers to a big unspoken and unpleasant happening in a group of people. Whatever "it" is, people feel its' presence but usually avoid it at all costs.... more

When you're feeling pinched for time, you may say: "Give me a second." "I'll do that later." "I'll get to that sometime." "I never seem to have time for x." Unfortunately seconds often become minutes or hours and "later" or "sometime"... more

If you always feel like you have 26 hours of tasks to fit into a 24-hour day, you're not alone. You're probably aware of the negative consequences of task-overwhelm, but do you know the solutions? In this episode, Productivity... more

Are you suffering from task or schedule-overwhelm? If so, it might feel like you're in a deep hole and you can barely see over the edge, much less figure out how to get out. Sometimes we forget that there are two common reactions... more

Just because an app, a product, or a device claims that it will increase your productivity, it doesn't make it so! In this episode, Productivity Coach, Janice Russell, of Minding Your Matters, will discuss how to ensure that a "productivity... more

Whether or not one of your hobbies is climbing mountains, you probably scale some everyday in a figurative sense because you've got many "task mountains" to summit each day. This episode highlights 5 practices to help you more... more