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The Private & Paranormal Eye investigates occultism, the paranormal and spirituality considering methods and practice together with case studies and associated true tales.

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The Thuggee were a cult dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Kali and who, at pilgrimage time in 19th Century India, left their home and families to band together and journey the land looking for suitable travellers to ritually murder. They ate... more

A man called Abdullah Yusaf Ali translated the Qur'an (Koran) in to English. As people of the West we take a look at Islam and what lies behind the religion.

We received what we believe to be fake emails from a person calling themselves 'Charlie Lycett' claiming he was the only person allowed to run the Horus Temple.Plus what was Mathers really up to with the Golden Dawn? Was he a... more

Charles Walton, an old man in his 70's who was believed to have psychic powers died as a result of a witchcraft ritual murder to feed the ground and stop the crop failure on Feburary 14th 1945 on the lower slopes of Meon Hill... more

The Owlet Vampire was seen several times in Owlet, Shipley back in the 1980's. Human vampires - is your best friend or partner a secret psychic vampire? Have you ever had a panic attack? Is someone close to you rhe real cause?

Examining Devil Patterns, Step Charms, Devil Snares, how to ward off harmful dark energy spirals in your home with tinfoil, ancient cup and ring stones, Graveyard Guardians and black energy streams. The ancient energy serpent... more

Firstly we feature The society of Dew and Light which was begun by David Lund in the late 19th century. David Lund was an Occult rival of M. Blavatsky and Samuel Mathers of the Golden Dawn. Also we look in to the book 'Cracking The... more

Russian Fishermen from the Rostov area caught a weird squeaking alien creature whilst they were fishing in the Sea of Azov. They filmed the creature then ate it! Also a half man/half sheep was born recently in Turkey. We also feature the... more

Samuel Mathers and the Golden Dawn apparently revived Dr John Dee's Enochian magical system, which was brought to him through Edward Kelly. Should mere mortals attempt to connect with Angels in this way?

Looking at the disappearnce of an entire inuit village near Lake Anjikuni, Nunavut, Canada. All inhabitants were apparently there one minute and gone the next, including those buried in the cemetery. Were aliens responsible or was there... more