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Vladimir Gagic

Prison Democracy


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America was the great Arsenal of Democracy that defeated Hitler, Tojo, and Stalin, but now we are the sad Prison Democracy. Can we make our nation great again, or is it too late?

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Could it be that OJ Simpson really was innocent, and the his much maligned jury got it right? In a fascinating new book "OJ Simpson is Innocent and I can Prove It", Texas private investigator William Dear goes through all the evidence and... more

The United States Supreme Court just ruled on Arizona SB 1070, the so-called anti-immigration law, holding it is partly constitutional. Is the law anti-Hispanic racism, or is it a good idea so that Arizona and other states can protect their... more

George Zimmerman has captured the attention of the world. When he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, was he a cold blooded racist murderer or was he merely defending himself from an attacker? Has the media assassinated his character... more

Jerry Sandusky's trial starts June 11. Join us as we discuss the trial, Joe Paterno, and the whole Penn State affair. Is Sandusky guilty of all the crimes prosecutors have alleged? What about Joe Paterno? Did he do enough or he an... more

George Zimmerman just had his release revoked. Did the judge make the right decision? Should he be in jail? Is he a racist guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin? Or was he just legally defending himself? Is the media out to smear... more
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