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Prism Radio was started in June of 2010 to help "shed light" on and in the Transgender Community. So many things go "unsaid" that needs to be said so that is what Prism Radio is here to do. The show will typically air on most other Sunday Night at 8:00pm (eastern) but the schedule varies so you would need to check the show schedule on our website. In addition to the commentary by the host, Holly Knight will have guests and although the main topic will be transgender, the topics will also vary. It is our goal to educate, to make you laugh but sometimes even make you cry. We want to shed light on the very difficult lives of so many transgender people but we also want to show you the amazing things about transgender people. We also have a website for more information at and you can subscribe to our shows on ITunes. Feel free to call in live with comments or questions during our live shows. Please be patient as it might take a little while to have you on air. You can listen to the show as you wait. Also, if you want to be a guest on the show, email Holly at or complete our form on the Prism Radio Website.

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Motivated by the recent and disturbing news of young lives being taken by suicide, we will have a special show. Guests will include Sheila O'Bannon, Brian Buford and we will try to get Donald Taylor. Other guests will include those that... more

Dayna Walker has over 20 years experience in human resources and currently operates Systems 81 Consulting, LLC and Pivotal Transformations, whose focus is solely transgendered clients. Dayna speaks nationally on behalf of... more

Join us with Bejon and hear about her amazing story. She is a very intelligent and equally outspoken person. Her responsibilites as the Outreach Coordinator for Sienna fits her perfectly but she also performs on stage and has many crowns. I... more

Donald is the director of the Louisville Youth Group. He will join us as our guest and talk about himself and what brought him to this place in his life and what wonderful things they are doing at the Louisville Youth Group. More information... more

The UL Pride Picnic is Monday the 20th at 11:30am. You should be at the Picnic but if you can't, you can listen to some students/faculty/staff interviews live at the UL Pride.

This is a change in the topic tonight. There are so many things we deal with as transgender people and I want to talk about these things and get them out in the open. So, you can call in like always or you can email me questions for the... more

Trans-Angels is a non-profit organization headquartered in the Tucson Arizona region, dedicated to providing support and assistance to transsexuals of both genders in all stages of transition. Trans-Angels was started by a small group of... more

I will host a Prism Direction Radio Show at the Fairness Campaign Booth at the Kentucky State Fair. The plan is to get some people as they pass by to ask them some questions that apply the the TG lifestyle. I am not sure I will be able to pull... more

Alana is a transwoman in the city of Louisville that has been very active as a peformer with a lot of crowns, as an activist for many TG rights with Sienna and the Fairness Campaign and has a really amazing story as someone that... more

Charlena lived a life of Ministry and was married to a wonderful woman for many years. After her passing Charlena was born. She has not been transgender as a youth or even as an a adult but was more like a Divine creation. Her story is... more
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