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Prism Radio was started in June of 2010 to help "shed light" on and in the Transgender Community. So many things go "unsaid" that needs to be said so that is what Prism Radio is here to do. The show will typically air on every other Sunday Night at 8:00pm (eastern) but the schedule varies so you would need to check the show schedule on our website. In addition to the commentary by the host, Holly Knight, she will have guests and although the main topic will be transgender, the topics will also vary. It is our goal to educate, to make you laugh but sometimes to make you cry. We want to shed light on the very difficult lives of so many transgender people but we also want to show the transgender people are usually very "regular people". Feel free to call in live with comments or questions during our live shows. Please be patient as it might take a little while to have you on air. You can listen to the show as you wait. Also, if you want to be a guest on the show, email Holly at

On-Demand Episodes

There are many things on a regular basis in the news that directly affects the transgender community. So, for our "Assortment of Thoughts" show we will give you some updates on a few selected items and then (of course) discuss them.... more

The homeless situation is pretty pathetic in our country and of course those that are transgender have it even worse. The 72nd Prism Radio show will talk about some specific situations that involve the TG population and probably other... more

It continues to shock me that in a group of oppressed people (like the transgender community) how much there is oppression/pre-judgment/racism in our community. You would think a person that has been pre-judged simply for how they dress... more

Misgendering is the topic. This is when a person uses a pronoun when talking to you that is not how you are currently expressing. More at

I hear this question often or even the statement that crossdressers are not part of the community and more from the "crossdressing" community. Let's get to the bottom of this. What does "crossdressing" mean and what does it "require" to be... more

I have looked for work as a TG for many years and about a year ago finally found a job with Kelly Services as a temp but then a great opportunity at Brown-Forman came along. In those many years, in many discussions, through many mistakes I... more

The Transgender Sexuality Show is a regular show about ever few months. We explore different areas of transgender sexuality and although most of it is suitable for anyone, we do put an adult rating on this show for obvious reasons.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is a day of memorial each year on the 20th of November to memorialize those transgender people we have lost over the previous year due to murder for simply being transgender. This past year (2012)... more

The Ask Holly series has been a popular one and so we try to do this show once a month. We just take questions we receive over the last few months and take some of them and discuss them. Some of the questions also come from other... more

What IS transgender and does it matter? Yes, it matters and the reasons it matters will be the topic for show number 64, "Words, Terms, Phrases and Labels". More information can be found on the Prism Radio site at... more
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