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LGBT Matters of The Heart Episode #2

  • Broadcast in LGBT
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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – but sometimes it’s also the right thing to do.

We left of last week with Jack reminding us how important it is for each of us to be honest about whom we are and to other people.  Today, Your Hosts Jack, Marlene and Charlie talk about Ten (or more) Excellent Reasons to Break Up

1. You know the relationship has no long-term potential.

2. The relationship has run its course.

3. You’ve been hurt physically or emotionally.

4. You’ve been cheated on, or you’ve cheated.

5. Someone else is on your mind.

6. Everyone else is rallying against the relationship.

7. Your values don’t align.

8. You’re not happy — and haven’t been for a very long time.

9. You feel uneasy about the relationship.

10. You’re not growing together.

11  You are in love with a narcissist!

Self-Love is Not Narcissism!

Not only is self-love not narcissism; unfortunately, narcissists do not know how to begin to love themselves! Keep reading to discover the difference and to learn why self-love is vitally important today.

I have heard people describe narcissists as persons who love themselves - or love themselves too much! Because I was blessed to be taught self-love, I bristle every time I hear that description.

At MayoClinic.com, we find the following definition of narcissistic personality disorder: "Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. They believe that they are superior to others and have little regard for other people's feelings. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism."