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Pastor Rochester

Secret Sexual Sins


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There is a secret society within the church. These churches are not connected except by the deeds done in the their flesh called sexual immorality. The Lord is not returning for a church with spots, wrinkles, and blemishes. The Lord must wash the church with water through the Word. There are many Christians in leadership and in the music ministry industry that are needlessly bound in Secret Sexual Sins. The pastor's wife is not seeing things when she sees her husband's eyes wander at another woman or when her husband is spending too much time with other women at church. Mr. Pastor doesn't see any harm in it but sadly, the wife does. The "other woman" is either the ministry, a female victim of a pastor's predatory skills, or the other woman is a Jezebel. Many Christians fail to understand or are in complete denial about the root cause of teen pregnancy and sexual immorality among our youth today. They fail to connect the dots of self sex called masturbation, child p*rn, and molestation, sex trade trafficking or abductions, strip clubs, sexually immoral content, and p*rn performers that do prostitution. There are many women that need this critical information to save their marriages. The devil has kept the church silent about this until now. Wives, this is your moment to regain your esteem and your marriage. Men, this is your moment to be free in Jesus' name. 10 million women access salacious websites a month. Women watch too. Christian women struggle just as much as Christian men. MOAB (sexual immorality) is The Mother Of All Battles. Goliath (sexual immorality) is in the house of God. Together, we can get back to purity before God. Together we can please Him and live sanctified lives, moment by moment, in Jesus' name!

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