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Bringing the bible alive with uncommonly powerful teaching that aims to expose people to powerful & shocking messages that are not talked about by today's celebrity preachers with huge ministries, but by faithful preachers unknown to the world. You are invited to join us for real talk about church life, faith, and the Bible. Live every Saturday night at 8:30 PM. Hosted By No Compromise Ministries of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Real Talk with Pastor Truss-Barber and Associate Pastor M.ichael Jones This is the season for God to restore, God has given us the Power to recover all

Live Revival Broadcast

Everyday millions of people wake up to the difficult reality of life impacted by circumstance's, and for many such a life path can raise serious questions surrounding faith and one's relationship with God. Surely a loving God would not... more

Real talk not chit-chat with Pastor Barber for a discussion on the Bond Woman in us all.

Bringing the Bible alive with real talk from real people.

Tonight Pastor Truss-Barber and her in-studio guest take a look at and discuss how God prepares us for things to come. Tonights topic comes from Genesis 1:1-25.

Hosted by Pastor M.Truss-Barber of No Compromise Ministries of Las Vegas, NV. with No Compromise Bible Student Ministry study group.

Pastor Truss-barber delivers a serman message at New Life Ministries Womans Day Celebration service. Real People ...Real Life...Real Talk.

Join pastor for a real discussion about what the bible says about substitution of God.
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