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Red Horse Unleashed!

Orwell was only wrong about the year, 1984 is actually 2013!!!

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Red Horse Unleashed, Ladies and Gentlemen.  Some of us saw this coming, Most did not. Now the "secret" is out and the only question is what to do about it. We have recently seen the IRS being used in ways that even J. Edgar Hoover might have shied away from.  We have long seen FISA in action.  We saw the death of liberty with self congratulatory applause with the Anti-Terrorist Act of 1996 and the even more heinous Patriot Act, not to mention Obamacare and a host of other legislation, including the new disarmament laws that dismember the Second Amendment. Now the sowing is done and the reaping has begun!  Your cell phone records have been collected en masse, WITHOUT ANY PROBABLE CAUSE!!!  Internet providers are giving up your search records, WITHOUT TELLING YOU!!! Even the media, the protective propagandist shield of the Obama Administration, has been targeted by this out-of-control tyrant!  So tune in and chime in with your opinions.
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