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Genders With Different Faces

Genders With Different Faces


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Talking About The beginning when we think it's the end. Getting back up after falling. Learning after we realize we didn't know it all. Gaining Wisdom.

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Live, Love, Laugh. Going Threw the Storm, But it dont Always Rain.The Sun Is Gonna Shine.We Not gonn aadd Lighter Fluid to the fire, But we gonna pull out The Fire Exstinguisher for the Fire..Standing Tall and Winning the fight..Not... more

Peolpe That seems to always bring up Your past, and things That you been forgot about, or even things that You went threw at some point of time in your life..We Have to Be mindful of what rolls of the tongue. Sometimes you have to move on... more

When running into life changes. Overcoming failure, and regaining Power. Staying Positive and ignoring Negative. Feeling Great about who your are and restrainimg the demons that will try to tell you No, you cant, But you Can..Always know... more

Undergoing Surgery, when dealing with different obstacles. Staying Strong Keeping the faith. Rebuilding your health, Putting in Good Spirits ,and Keeping Bad Toxins Out. Staying Positive in Spirit, and Glowing When God gives... more

Caller called In and ask If we can Talk about , Living behind Masks.. painting Perfect pictures, When the paint is realy running...Lliving lies, and thats bad for the soul. So we gonna go with today, the Story behind the brick wall. We... more

Knowing your innerself. Loving yourself. Your woman hood. Never be degrated. Life is good. Understand Who your are, will let you know your worth. Your worth more if someone doesnt believe in you, you believe in yourself.. Yes you... more

Knowing when you being attacked.. How to handle different situations coming your way..If its not positive, its not of God..If its Negative, Ignore it , Its like eatting Spoil Food , and thats most definately not good for the Soul.Stand Tall and be... more

Robbing , Stealing , Stepping on people to get to the Top, and when you Realize youve made it to the top, But Your ladder is Not sturdy...O! My!...You just decided to call on God.

Coming together to Stand as One. No one should be left behind. Together we can and we will. Not for just Adults, but for the youth also...

Not Only for Fire Victims , But for any kind of Victim.