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Confidence in Sensing the Presence of God

  • Broadcast in Christianity
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Experiencing the supernatural is better “felt” than “telt.” You have to experience it for yourself. The Lord encourages us to taste and see that He is good. Not See and Taste, but Taste and See. Experience first, understand second.?

Sense of His Presence

Perhaps the best example of needing to experience the Lord firsthand is in regard to recognizing His Personal Presence. As your senses become sharpened (through much waiting on the Lord and cultivating a quiet lifestyle) you will more quickly and easily begin to be able to identify His Presence, and over time will be able to discern His purpose, direction and intention with confidence, not because you’ve studied much or tried hard, but because the Lord has removed the veil separating your senses from His reality. Again, knowing the Lord is simple.

His Drawing

Though there will be times the Lord makes Himself known during the times we are specifically focusing on Him, the majority of the time we will be engaged in other activities when He does something to get our attention. He doesn’t want to have to “shout” at us—it’s a GOOD thing if the Lord doesn’t have to send an angel or perform a miracle to get our attention or encourage us. One of the ways we show respect to a person is if we are at their “beck and call.” So to strengthen our attention, the Lord will engage us to attend to Him at what may seem to be odd times. Learning to pay attention, and how to promptly respond, is essential to moving into being led by the Spirit, and eventually living, moving and having our being in Him.