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Madeleine Albright in Miami by Winston Delawar

October 5th, 2009
Judea Temple in Coral Gables
Madeleine Albright is in her own right one of the most respected and influential women in the United States of America. Having served as a U.S. Permanent Representative for the United Nations and later being the first woman appointed as Secretary of State, she has undeniably left her mark on U.S. Politics and laws, from her strong commitment to democracy, enforcing rules and regulations on arms control as well as the promotion of human rights both nationally and internationally. In addition to her political success, Dr. Albright has also written three novels, Madam Secretary, a Memoir which was published in 2003, The Mighty and Almighty, released in 2006 as well as her Memo to the President, released in 2006, all of which have been New York Times bestsellers. Her new novel, Read my Pins, provides a first hand account into her unique pin collection, which she has used diplomatically during her post as Secretary of State. Premier Guide Miami’s Marie-Junie Pierre at Judea Temple at Coral Gables, Florida.
Dr. Albright’s memoir Read my Pins provides detailed input on how the former Madame Secretary would wear her pins based on the political figures with whom she was meeting. Although Dr. Albright did not initially start wearing a pin for an unspoken political message, she explains how the public started commenting on her pins, based on the figure with whom she was meeting, so her pin wearing started to accommodate accordingly.

            Although Dr. Albright hasn’t served in a political post for the past couple of years, the political knowledge which she has amassed throughout the years will be useful for decades and politicians to come. When asked about her feelings about the current President and the issues which he is facing, Dr. Albright reiterates the issues that she had brought forth in 2006, before President Obama’s appointment as President. According to Dr. Albright, any new elected president after the era of George Bush would have to arrive at a solution for the following issues: 1) fighting terrorism without the creation of more terrorists, 2) the proliferation of new weapons, 3) the growing gap between the rich and the poor, 4) energy, environment, food security, pandemic disease, and 5) the restoration of the good name of democracy.  As to her personal opinion regarding our current President and his accomplishments, Dr. Albright explains how the image of the United States of America has been bad over the past eight years. She further explains the huge efforts of the current President to convert that image into a good one by taking steps to rectify change in the Public Relations System of the United States. She goes on further to explain that President Obama is currently more popular in some countries than the actual leaders of those countries and how that image of him should be used to change the entire image of the United States of America.

            Perhaps the most important issue which was brought up to Dr. Albright was the return to a civilized bipartisanship system where Democrats and Republicans can work together to create a better America. Dr. Albright explains how the media keeps the issues stirred up between the parties and how there is no accountability when it pertains to them. Although the country was built on a bipartisanship form of government, she explains how that bipartisanship has been taken to a level of non-civility between the two political parties. She also explains the efforts that President Obama has made in reaching out to the Republican party and their failure to reciprocate accordingly.

            Dr. Madeleine Albright’s huge influence on American Politics  as well as international politics is admirable. She currently serves  on the Council on Foreign Relations Board of Directors, as Chairperson of the National Democracy Institute for International Affairs, and is currently the Professor of Diplomacy at the Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service as well as various other posts which allow her to continue to share her vast political knowledge for the interest and benefit of our country. As a woman, she has paved the way for numerous other women who are interested in a career in politics and government, leaving behind a mark that will forever be engraved in American History.

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