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    There are to many persons perceiving that someone is with them when in all reality they are not. We are open for attacks deception and failure when we imagining that something is real when it's not. Sometimes are inner circle is nothing but a distorted image of reality. When we are working in a delusional concept of a inner team that has proven to be disloyal we are entertaining a hallucination in rela...tionships. We are creating a reality that doesn't exist outside our distorted mindset. It is often through our love of people that we lose the ability to see the real character and attitude of those that are working close to us. There are persons that we mentor or have fellowship with that are actually enemies that we have chosen because we see the good that they can develop into but refuse to acknowledge the bad they rather walk in now. If we don't see the reality of their character we will allow them to remain in a position in our life that can only bring us harm hurt and pain. No matter how much potential we see in them until they are willing to correct their character behavior and attitude they are who they are and not the false image at that moment that your mind has created them to be. You see them through your eyes of love and compassion and yes we can visualize what they are capable of becoming but the harsh reality remains that they choose to walk in the actions of betrayal and deceit against you because of some ulterior motive or secret feeling of anger jealous or hate toward you

  • John of God Healing Meditation: "Peace Talks with Your Beloved"

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    I will be reading excerpts from Taming the Tiger Within by Thich Nhat Hanh Ch 3"Mindfulness of Others."  
    Julie Geigle is an International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer & Casa Guide for John of God.
    We will be TUNING into the energy of the CURRENT ROOM at The Casa de Dom Inacio, the Spiritual Center where Medium Joao channels over 30 light beings I call "Casa Entities."
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    Join us for our Annual "John of God Spiritual Transformation Healing Retreat:"  Mon, April 4th - Sat, April 16th, 2016; *$1950-2300
    Contact:  715-833-1096 or julie.heavensent@gmail.com  (*Rooms vary so register early to get the best selection).
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    People from all over the world host current in their own homes to tune into the energies of John of God and the Spiritual Beings of Light Entities which are located atop a CRYSTAL vortex in Abadiania, Brazil.
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