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Praise And Worship Weekly

Praise And Worship Weekly


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A radio show dedicated to the discussion of the Praise and Worship Music Scene. Discuss gear, bands, and send prayer requests.

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Tonights episode will be a general question and answer. Ask Scott his take on amps, pedals, or whatever is on your mind. In this episode, we'll take a look at the new 2015 Gibson Guitar models, and are they worth the 29% price hike that... more

In this broadcast we will look into the age old debate of tube amps vs. solid state, and how there really shouldn't be a debate to begin with. We will also discuss what may have sparked the controverial debate in the first place. Your calls,... more

Todays episode we will discuss analog pedals vs. multi-effects. Which do you prefer? We will also discuss tube powered overdrive pedals. Your calls, prayer requests, and open line discussion.

This episode we will discuss playing guitar solos during worship sets. What type of solos do you play? Improv? Exactly Like the recording? We will also talk about how some guitarists prefer to approach soloing. Also on the board, we will talk... more

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On the program we will discuss a controversial topic: Is modern worship music scriptural? This episode will weigh both sides of the argument. Are Christian musicians trying to water down the scriptures by mixing the things of the world in... more

Tonight we will discuss a hot topic in the praise and worship scene: Are guitarists getting too materialistic? Are we buying excessive amounts of gear to serve God, or using God to justify our excess? We will also look into Jet City amps and... more

Today we will be discussing anamosities among praise team members. We will also discuss South Creek Audio's high quality cables. Your calls and prayer request.

Tonight we will discuss the debate about clone pedals. Are they a real cost savings or is it a sin? We will also discuss tuners and your favorite brands. Your calls and prayer requests throughout the show.

Tonight we talk about giving joyously to serve God. We will also take a peek at the awesome new Recto-Verb amplifier from Mesa Boogie. Your calls and general discussion tonight!